More Hybrid Ideas


So here’s some hybrids I think would be great for meta improvements, feel free to add your own hybrid ideas and thoughts!
Epic Erlikoceratus: Proceratosaurus+Erlikosaurus G2
-Minimum Speed up strike/Decelerating Rampage(2x)/Distracting impact(1.5x)/Accelerating Strike(Delay:1, +15% for 2 turns)
-Speed: 128
Legendary Secotaurus: Carnotaurus+Secodontosaurus
-Pinning Strike/Short Defense/Critical Rampage(Delay:1, 2x, 40% crit chance for 2 turns)/Defense Shattering Impact(1.5x)
Speed: 103
Passive: Counter Attack
Legendary Dracosuchus: Koolasuchus+Dracorex
-Nullifying Strike/Distracting Strike(-50% Attack for 3 turns)/Debilitating Impact(-50% Attack for 2 turns, 1.5x)/Instant Charge(Delay: 2)/Impact and Run(Delay: 1, 1.5x)
Speed: 124
Armor: 10%
Unique Imperadracia: Suchotator+Dracosuchus
Nullifying Strike/Wounding Rampage(2x, .5 DoT for 2 turns)/Greater Stunning Impact(75% chance stun, 1.5x)/Instant Cripple
Speed: 123
Armor: 10%
Passive: Immunity
What do you guys think?


Another I thought of that could be good is
Epic Purrulagreus: Purrusaurus+Tanycolagreus
Armor Piercing Strike/Expose Weak Spot(vulnerable for 3 turns)/Defense Shattering Impact(1.5x)/Pinning Impact(1.5x, can’t switch for 3 turns)
Speed: 128
Armor: 15%


I like that Purrusaurus/Tanycolagreus idea. Most hybrids gain a lot of attack but lose speed. It’s be nice to get a new hybrid with some new and improved, competitive speed stats…plus it’d be something for me to do with all that Purrusaurus DNA I keep getting. :sweat_smile:


That’s one of my main reasons for these suggestions is to have more usefulness to some of these Dino’s that just feel like they are useless to collect. If we can’t really use some of these low tier creatures it’d be nice to put them towards something better!
Another two I thought of-
Epic Wuerontosaurus: Wuerhosaurus+Tenontosaurus
Strike/Thagomizer/Greater Stunning Impact(1.5x)/Short Cripple(-90% damage for 2 turns, no priority)
Armor: 10%
Speed: 117
Epic Irritasuchus: Irritator+Postosuchus
Armor Piercing Strike/Adrenaline Surge(+50% HP, +1.25x for 3 turns)/Adrenaline Pulse(+25% HP, +1.25x for 2 turns, cleanse)/Ready to Crush
Speed: 127
The idea behind Irritasuchus is to have a high health pool and just be a regenerating annoyance that can deal monsterous basics when fully buffed.


Tarbosaurus Rex.


Beautiful gold/green skin pattern, small spiked ridge down the back.

Large hitpoint pool, heavy attack, slow as a stone.

Same attacks as the rex, but also a 3-turn delay 1-hit KO attack bypassing all stealth, armour, shields or tricks.

No, I’m not actually serious. :stuck_out_tongue: