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More Hybrids Ideas


So as most of you know there are a lot of Dino’s that have no hybrids and it almost feels like a waste to dart them. Here are some that I think would pair to be really good.
Tanycolagreus+Deinocheirus(Very fast+Nullifying)
Diplocaulus+Wuerhosaurus(Debuff+Slow/Instant cripple)
Lythronax+Ouranosaurus(Counter Attack+Stun/Impact and run)
Dilophosaurus+Ophiacodon(Debuff+Armor-piercing/Immunity passive)
What do you guys think? Any other good pairing ideas?
I hope Ludia considers some of this so these dinos can have some further late game usefulness


I want to see dilospinus (spinosaur and dilophosaurus) because sails everywhere.
And kentrosaurus Rex because spikey t Rex would be awesome.


I would love to have a dilo hybrid one day! Currently one of my favorites in my team lol. Cool hybrid ideas as well!

Would love more counter-attack dinosaurs as well.

Lythro + nodo for example:
basic attack is a mix of pinning strike + invulnerability strike; can’t swap and invulnerable. Your next basic- or counter-attack has a slight dmg boost!
long protection because you definitely need a shield on these guys; this makes them pretty strong!
armor piercing impact for good damage; its still
a predator.
Counter-attack DEFINITELY!
Mediocre health, lower damage (since it has counter-attack) and maybe even 5 or 10% armor from the nodo and lower speed; something between 105 and 110. This is definitely an epic i would think. Oh and give it little armor spikes and a nodo-like tail; the rest is furry lytho. LOL that would be awesome.

Dilo + dracorex (i have the gen 2 now, it should be similar);
basic attack is remove positive effect.
Distracting strike for DMG reduction; only 1x DMG.
Impact + run is a combination from both dinosaur their last abillities.
This would make up for a fast (dilo speed) and reliable predator hunter. Still mediocre HP and DMG; mainly utility. Maybe even delay 1 on distracting strike to balance it.


I really like those! Hopefully we can get multiple hybrid options on most dinos so we can have even more battle variation.
I think the more counter attack dinos the better since they are perfect raptor counters.
Also is Carnotaurus around yet? If he turns out to be another counter attacker it’d be another perfect hybrid opportunity with Dilo. Plus a Dilophotaurus would look amazing


Uhm it is out but i believe it is not ‘revealed’ as in; the carno is playing hide and seek. We just can’t seem to find it (yet); probably an event exclusive or something.
Been leveling the majungasuchus since it becomes very versatile at higher levels, love it! The lythro was also a favorite but its move set is so limited.

Then we have the raja which doesn’t spawn in my nor nearby regions (or i haven’t looked enough) but i’d love to have that guy one day. Too busy looking for other epics…