More Hybrids!

So I’ve been busy over the weekend, and have made some creatures. I present 3 more today!

First Up: Scaphotitan

Tier: Legendary Hybrid
Cost: 21,200 Dna to Buy
Type: Pterosaur


Level 10:
1319 Health
576 Attack
3,126 Coins/5H
Level 20:
2,095 Health
961 Attack
12,504 Coins/5H
Level 30:
3,057 Health
1,502 Attack
43,729 Coins/5H
Level 40:
3,981 Health
2,193 Attack
120,714 Coins/5H

Secondly: Iguanasaurus
Tier: Tournament Hybrid
Cost: 54,400
Type: Herbivore


Level 10:
2,457 Health
924 Attack
20,845 Coins/2H
Level 20:
4,671 Health
1,572 Attack
89,164 Coins/2H
Level 30:
7,423 Health
2,384 Attack
231,567 Coins/2H
Level 40:
9,835 Health
3,230 Attack
704,823 Coins/2H

And lastly, me!


Tier: Legendary Superhybrid
Cost: 4,300 Tany sDna
Type: Carnivore


Level 10:
10,367 Health
1,673 Damage
Level 20:
12,352 Health
2,142 Damage
Level 30:
16,401 Health
2,739 Damage
Level 40:
21,734 Health
3,446 Damage

The first is a hybrid of Scaphognathus and Aerotitan
The second is a hybrid of Iguanadon and Shunosaurus

The third is a superhybrid of Pteraqueztal and Tanycolagreus.


Scaphotitan, Aerognauthus




The third one is already Quetzorion

i know


I do like Scaphotitan though

its your idea. you can name them whatever you want. I was just giving suggestions

I know. I’m just saying I like Scaphotitan, and changed it

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My hybrids :
Kentrotitan = Areotitan + kentrosaurus
Corythocheirus = corythosaurus + deinocheirus
Shunopelta = shunosaurus + antarctopelta
Achantogyrhinus = achantostega + Proterogyrhinus

Plesiodestus = plesiosaurus + edestus
Kronosuchus = kronosaurus + suchodus
Ammonerya = ammonite + hyneria

Mastotherium = Mastodon + deinotherium
Sarkastosarchus = sarkastodon + Andrewsarcus
Arctodon = arctodus + Diprotodon


Have you already created the hybrids currently in the game.
I am Playing the game since sept 2018 (non VIP), still have to unlock 5 more hybrids.
More over , I hardly have any space left in the main island to place more Dino’s.

What does this have to do with the post? I just made some ideas, and let them be seen. I’ve been playing for a while as well, still need some hybrids, and this is just a few more that I thought would be nice to see in game, and wanted others to see so that they can judge and tell whether they are good, bad, or just OP.


Sarcorixis but JWTG

(Einiosaurus + Gryposuchus)


I would rather stick a load of useless creatures in the asset repository rather than ludia not continue to make new creatures/hybrids…

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Would you rather Dracorex + Parasaurolophus Gen 2 (A thing similar to Paramoloch) or Deinonychus + Parasaurolophus Gen 2 (similiar to the Paradeinonychus from an 90s toyline)?

Dilophosaurus gen 2 + Titanoboa = Dilophoboa
Stats: Hp-6880 Dmg-5551 (why it is much stronger than Mammotherium and Smythetoceros? Cuz Mamum and Smyos are Super Rare + Tournament! And Dilophoboa are Tournament + Tournament!)


I’m making that soon

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Btw! Why wouldn’t you rep on Facebook? Talk about the stories?

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I kinda forgot. I’m usually not on Facebook. Sorry. Will check more often

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Okay bro!!!

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