More information about dinasours!


Nice game, I prefer to Poke Go but this should be educative as much as fun to play. Original Jurassic Park movies also aimed for it and the world learnt tons about dinasours. Currently it’s only a fun fact about the caught dino. There should be an encyclopedia or details and stats page for the scientific information about the specie caught, say like DinoDex or DD. Added value is what makes a thing lasting and special for people. So add some value to prevent same chatastrophic end of Pokemon Go.


Like ‘Did you know Nodosaurus is based on Borealopelta?’
‘The jurrassic park velocipator is based on deinonychus’

Something like that?



For example in this Jp magazine I subscribed when a child for each specie it showed the size compared with an average human. And most of the species are wrong in comparison in the game. For example a nundasuchus at a height of human knee fighting a brachiosaurus of 8 level building? But they show almost similar in size at arena. A 9 yo child playing this game today will think all dinosaurs have a similar size to fit on a turning circle lab floor. I know developers did this to turn this into a pokemon like game, which defiles the reality in all aspects.

Game should stay as a game but this doesn’t mean the facts should not be given as well. On the specie page there could be a fact sheet and I don’t understand why this game can also function as an educative database with all those perfectly animated species.


I agree, but think there’s little value in just copy-pasting something you could read any time on Wikipedia.
The sad truth is that only a few users like you and me would take the time to read long articles.

However, I do have an idea on how to implement this as a part of the gameplay and reward system, and make it a more integral part of the game. If you can do that, it might actually create something that people might read and learn.

Please check out my post at Dinosaur biography rewards and upvote it if you’d like to see it happen. :slight_smile:


I just read it and as you said we have similar requests. And I don’t think we are minority here at all.

Think about it, pokemon was fully imaginary but millions of people memorized hundreds of attack moves and their effective counter types to win the games. A similar thing can easily be done here but this time based on reality and real creatures which once ruled our world. For example, carnivores like rex have huge advantage over herbivores like brachiosaurus so their attack can be “super effective”. On the other hand herbivores huge sizes should give them great life and damage and low speed. Developers tried to build a system like this but currently it’s not effective, too plain and boring. If, however, people read the bios and characteristics, which are also based on facts instead of imagination, people would both enjoy winning by implementing their own strategies and learn about these real extinct creatures.

I believe the game is very premature atm. So developers should check out these ideas for their coming updates.