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More information on next update/new island


Island hopping to collect coins…uff.

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It looks like you will have to open up the island via expansions like the original. Very anxious to see how they have implemented this, and whether it will be combined with more game levels. It definitely has a high chance of being FAR more popular than the mods were… but just hoping (perhaps against hope) that it isn’t going to be done in a way to try and suck more DBs out of us. But that would not surprise me in the least.

I just hope the creature limit is expanded, which it looks like it will be…

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I’m so excited for this.

Creature and structure limit expansion would be nice. I have a bunch of empty space in my park as is.


Oh wow! If this means we can move jurassic creatures to this island from out of storage, then I’m already super excited for this. :smiley:

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