More JWA Hybrid into jwtg?

First they added Sinoceratops and Gryposuchus and now is Dilophosaurus gen 2! So i strongly prophet!

  1. Allosaurus G2 coming as a Tournament to make the Allosinosaurus with Sinoceratops and then make the Thoradolosaur with Trex Dna
  2. Gryposuchus with fuse with the Kelenken to make the Grylenken
  3. The upcoming Dilophosaurus gen 2 with fuse with Titanoboa to make the Dilophoboa
  4. The Dilophoboa above will fuse with Spinosaurus dna to make the Spinoconstrictor.
    Make sense right? Wut do u think??
    @Cheeseeater @Jurassic_Fury

Thor was fused with Tarbosaurus, not Tyrannosaurus


That’s gotta look messed up…

I would love to see this

you mean tarbo dna right?

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ooh! and a dracoceratops
draco + trike g2


Draco doesnt have a hybrid yet, all we need is trike gen 2

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I exactly mean Tyrannosaurus Rex DNA cuz Tarbo hav no chance to have an DNA cux it is a VIP.

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theres always a first time
like non-hybrid legendarys in jwa


I would love to see postometridon and erlikogamma

And who can forget

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I’d be really upset to see good creatures like grypo and dilopho Gen 2 to turn into a ceno hybrid . Really upset

I disagree, we need more ceno and aquatic creatures

Well, Grylenk is so ugly its a joke, but Spinconstrictor is my pride and joy. I would love to have it in game

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Dilophoboa n Spinoconstrictor would accurate will be added! I know Grylenken are not looks nice but i smell like Ludía would do that! They just added the Gryposuchus and there no Crossover Cenozoic hybrid til now, or they might did something not from JWA but we’ll see!

erliko g2 (rare), Erlikogamma, Sonorasaurus (s-rare), SONORAGAMMA!

Neither Eucladoceros nor Eremotherium have hybrids, so it could be likely that Eremoceros might be added.

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Was thinking this would be likely from one of beavers vids, I hope they expand the cenos and aquatics in this game

Which class would Erlikogamma in? Herbivore or Carnivore? I think it most likely would be Carnivore cuz Its an Carnivorous with an Erlikosaurus model to confuse its prey in JWA note!

Canonically it’s a carnivore, but JW TG follows models so they’d proly make it a herbivore


It sounded sadly…btw! Do you know whats Stats of the New playable Bosses?