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More location specific events

Yeah it’s only Apato, but still more and more location specific events that are ALWAYS either Canada or US.

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It took Pokemon Go quite a while before they had any meaningful event outside of the US or Japan.

This one isn’t quite a meaningful one if it’s just Apato.

And they keep on going.

Just because it’s in the US doesn’t mean I’m going to drive 10+ hours to go to it. So it needs to be more specific than just a country in a single location.

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It shouldn’t be location specific full stop.

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Yes I agree completely. If they did do events specific to regions. It would be cool to alternate them.

US - event 1
Canada - event 2
UK - event 3
(All other areas of the world too)

Then switch them up. Each month you get an event from the pool you haven’t had in your region yet. That would be cool. It would be fair to everyone too. Everyone would get everything but at different times.


Do I dare?.. :thinking: