More marsupial beasts!

the megabesties of australia are considered the biggest predators of the cenozoic

No, please.
I could endure some Cenozoic reptiles like Purussaurus, but don’t let those fluffy mammals join this game.:scream:

I’m picturing a massive koala with a mouth full of razor sharp teeth. Am I at least a little close :crossed_fingers::grinning:

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Don’t you summon the Dropbear!!! Or we all die :upside_down_face:


Ahahaha!! This was new to me, but I now fear the drop bear and will raise my son to do the same.



Just did a little reading about Australian predators. Thylacoleo Carnifax sounds pretty cool, but not sure it’d be a good fit for this game. Cool topic.

No Cenozoic mammals would ever be a good fit into this game. Ever.

And Australia is “God’s Weapons Testing Facility”, constantly coming up with new ways to end us.


Cenozoic mammals would perfectly fit this game. GO MAMMALS!

This is erm… JURASSIC World coff coff

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There has been many discussions about this and the consensus was that players wanted to stick to the Mesozoic with some others like mammal-like reptiles. I’m in the same camp. Just dinosaurs for me.

Don’t you bring the drop bear into this. You think stegod is OP. Wait until the unique drop bear 3-0s every team insight.

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Well the Jurassic part is already screwed with Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptor, ceratopsoidians, etc.

Yeah I know

My comment on Australia above wasn’t meant as an insult to those who live in “Oz”. I was just being totally honest from a scientific viewpoint. Evolution everywhere else went in one direction, while Australia seemed to go in complete opposition to them. It just ramped up production of deadly stuff on what looked to be a “wartime footing”, with weaponized koalas, goannas, and 'roos (among others) ready to strike forth and attack other places (note: it still does so today)…

If they could get to those other places, that is… Then there would be a reckoning. A bloody, violent RECKONING


Evolution and tectonic shift also gave the rest of the world a protection from everything being made in Australia - the giant killer kookaburras were by far, the WORST - so we sorta lucked out there.

The best reason for why Cenozoics aren’t suitable in this game - Evolution made them sometimes hilariously OP. Too many OP critters would throw game balance WAAAAY off. And games aren’t usually considered canon to the series, except in rare cases. I’d love to see this one remain canon.

No furries. Hammond never built any, neither did Masrani. They stuck with paleozoic/mesozoic creatures.

Actually, in the lore behind both films and books, the first animal InGen cloned was a Smilodon.

If that’s actually the case, then it proves why they chose to kill it and go with dinosaurs.

It was done as “proof of concept”. Hammond needed proof that a prehistoric creature could be cloned. The smilodon served its purpose, and most likely was disposed of. Furries don’t make that much money. If people want to see a big cat, they just go to any zoo.

But dinosaurs capture the imagination more than any giant furry elephant ever could. That’s where Hammond knew the money was. No Cenozoics were ever made for the parks. The smilodon was just a test to see if the Lockwood/Hammond cloning process would work.

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