More moves for battles

I had ideas for some moves that would complement the attack and run moves like strike and run, impact and run, and rampage and run. It can be called alpha guardian, and it would be a passive move in Blue, Charlie, Delta, and Echo, as well as some ceratopsians and ornithopods. This passive move would make it so that if you perform a swap out move, your dinosaur with the alpha guardian move will automatically swap in instead of the random choice, and it will then perform some attack, like maybe pinning the opponent and 50% distraction for two turns. Or maybe just something like deal 0.4 of opponents max HP. F there are two creatures on your team with this ability, make it so that the one with the most health will swap in when the attack and run ability is played. There should also be a vengeance of the herd ability, that passively swaps in creatures with this ability when a creature dies. of all creatures with it, for every creature that dies. I may have a Minor and Major version. Minor should be 20% damage increase for 1 turn, 20% distraction for 1 turn, swap prevention for one turn, and minor rending attack dealing 0.2 of the opposing creatures max health, and vulnerability for 1 turn. Major should be 50% distraction for 1 turn, damage increase 40% for 2 turns, swap prevention for 2 turns, and vulnerability until the creature is damaged, max 3 turns. If there are more than one of these creatures on your team when the death of a teammate occurs, the most damaging creature swaps in. This ability should be present in some ornithopods, ceratopsians, and Pachycephalosaurus. There should finally be a vengeance of the pride ability, present in some carnivores, such as Gorgosaurus, Megalosaurus, and Lythronax. It should inflict 0.4 of opposing creatures max HP, increase damage 40% for 3 turns, inflict 1 turn swap prevention, inflict 1 turn speed decrease in opponent, and increase critical chance by 30% for 2 turns. I think these are some really good ideas, please take them into consideration. Thank you!

There should also be an On escape vengeance move that inflicts 0.5 damage of max health before the swap, as well as a 3 turn 50% damage increase, a 2 turn 20% critical chance increase, and vulnerability inflicted after the swap. This ability should only be activated after the death of a teammate, when the opponent tries to swap out. Creatures such as Utahraptor, Pyroraptor, Dilophosaurus, and Dilophosaurus gen 2 should have it, as well as their hybrids, like Tyrannolophosaurus. Then there is my idea for a Strength in number passive ability. For every creature still alive on your team, your damage taken is reduced by 20%. This ability can only be active when the creature that has it is selected, and disappears if this dies. Ornithopods should have this ability, as well as some of their hybrids, like Tenontosaurus and Tenontorex.

For an actual attack, there should be an attack that is either a Nullifying superiority attack, or a Definite superiority attack. Make the attacks either rampage, impact, strike, or devastation. Nullifying superiority will nullify the opponent and cleanse distraction, and Definite will destroy shields, bypass armour, remove cloak and evasion, and cleanse distraction. This basically makes it so that your attack is guaranteed to deal the minimum amount of damage for your creature, and should have priority. There should be another move called elongated dig in, which s like dig in, but you regenerate 30% of max HP for 2 turns, have 50% shields for 2 turns, increase speed 15% for two turns, and cleanse on the first turn, when you initially use the ability, and gain immunity until the end of the second turn, when all other effects wear out as well. There should finally be a prioritized move, which inflicts 100% distraction to the opponent for 1 turn, and gives your next 2 moves priority. This move itself will not have priority. This should be present in slow carnivores. It’s only downfall is against creatures with immunity, immunity to distraction, or superiority attacks that cleanse distraction, as the move is meant to be used when health is low. You can maybe lower the distraction to 90% so as to not make the move too powerful. My last idea for now is the Blindness attack. First of all, it should have a 75% chance of nullifying the opponent. It should hide the opponents moves by making them all black, and then scramble them, forcing the opponent to pick one at random without knowing which one is which. It should also deliver 10% distraction for 1 turn and 10% speed decrease for 2 turns. Give it to Dilophosaurus only, but take away another one of its moves. Give some creatures immunity to blindness so their moves can’t be scrambled and hidden, but the rest of the effects can work, unless they have immunity to everything, except of course the nullifying. Give this move priority.

Are you always tired of Monolophosaurus and Pyroraptor giving you 100% distraction while their other moves recharge, and they waste your high damage long cooldown moves. Well that’s why there should be an attack that gives you immunity temporarily. Immunity impact should deal 1.5 damage and give immunity for 2 turns.

There should be a passive move called Vengeful immunity, that gives your creature 25% extra damage and inflicts .5 normal attack damage when a the opposing creature tries to inflict a debuff on your creature. There should also be a move called Retaliation, which activates when the opposing creature uses a buff. It has a 10% chance to nullify the opponent, and is guaranteed to give you 50% of the buff, so for a 50% shield, your creature gets 25% shield for the same amount of time. This activates as soon as the move is about to be played. So if an enemy is about to play a shielding strike, your opponent gets the shields at half intensity for the same amount of time. This happens before any damage is dealt.

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If you broke up your paragraphs and highlighted important words and headings, I think you might find a lot more users reading your suggestions.
Seeing a spaceless wall of text can be…daunting.

I had this idea for a move called Intimidation. It can be found in Strike, Impact, or Rampage, but not devastation. It has the possibility to make the opposing creature swap, and the possibility is higher the more damaging the attack. So a Strike has a 5% chance, an Impact has a 15% chance, and a Rampage has a 40% chance. There can also be an immunity to Intimidation. Also, if you intimidate a creature with some sort of counter, say, Maximal Counter. If you intimidate this creature into retreating, they will not have the chance to counter. This move should be found in some carnivores, like Tyrannotitan and Ceratosaurus, if they ever add either. They would have the moves Intimidating Strike, Intimidating Impact, and Intimidating Rampage, and maybe Devastation. Intimidating Rampage has 1 cool down, and 1 delay, while Intimidating Impact has 1 cool down but 0 delay. So you could use the Impact, then Rampage, and if that does not work, you could use Devastation.

I thought, maybe there should be something called Burrow. It is similar to Dig In, but has a different style. It gives you 100% crit chance on next attack, for max 3 turns, and cleanses this turn and the next one. You regenerate 20% of your max HP for 2 turns. It grants 50% shields for 2 turns, and reduces your own speed by 50% for 2 turns. Basically, it mixes cloak and dig in over a longer period of time.

You could also add “user unable to swap for x turns”.

Right. That way, they can’t just switch back, although that would waste one turn. And they try not to swap to a creature with a Swap in ability.

So intimidation can force a creature to swap, and tries to swap to a creature without swap in abilities. When swapping do to intimidation, the opposing creature has no time to counter. There can also be a move called Roar, which distracts the opponent for 2 turns by 50%, and has a 75% chance to force a swap, using intimidation. It is not considered an attack, so if the opposing creature does not swap, it will not counter. Roar can have a delay of 1, and a cool down of 2. As always, there will be some creatures who are immune to Intimidation. Roar would have priority. And maybe there can be a passive ability called Bravery. It basically means that your creature is twice as likely not to swap out due to intimidation. If your creature does manage to hold its ground, it will gain 50% increased damage, and will automatically cool down all moves.

I thought about good moves for defensive creatures, so why not a move called Defensive Immunity. It grants 50% shields for 2 turns when your creature has a debuff inflicted on it. It is immune, of course, to everything, but still. This means that things like Spinoconstrictor, Spinosaurus, and Suchomimus can try to inflict negative effects, but will only worsen their attacks. Same goes to Distracting creatures like Pyroraptor and Monolophosaurus.