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More music plz

I like music in games. It adds to the atmosphere, unfortunately there are only 3 soundtracks.

  1. World Map
  2. Darting
  3. Arena

I think it would be nice if we had more music. Tournaments would have their own music, so would Strike towers. It would make the game interesting. Event Dinosaurs should also have a unique darting theme.

A maybe would be to have seperate battle themes for seperate arenas, like higher arenas have more intense remix of the original music, while keeping the same track in lower arenas. I also don’t know why but I want lord lythronax to have its own final battle music lol.

With my suggestion,we have

  1. World Map
  2. Darting
  3. Event Darting
  4. Arena
  5. Tournament
  6. Strike Tower/Campaign
  7. Lord Lythronax
  8. (Maybe) Arena in aviary, library, gyrosphere And shores.

Uhh why did I just get a notification with Jason editing my post, did something get changed?

Your post was moved into the suggestions sub-category.

Ahh ok. Anyway please consider telling this to the @Ludia_Developers

Personally I turn the music off as I find it a distraction.

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