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More new hybrid and superhybrid concepts

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i think spino rex would be fine just having a lot of damage, maybe 1500-1700 and the fierce rampage, everything else about it is amazing. i love that you gave troodons hybrid bleed, i dont know why troodon doesnt have something like maiming wound or a venom that like distracts 50% and lethal wound without damage.

No, Spino Rex is too good imo. I don’t agree with giving a wounder 1250 attack, wounding counter, and a rampage. Your adjustments would make it essentially the most broken creature in the game.

i meant to say to take off the counter and swap in if that would hapen

Still, it would be broken even with that in mind. Wounders shouldn’t have rampages, and before you bring up spinonyx, spinonyx works because it has 1000 attack.

i think 1400 would be ok, if it only had like 4200 hp

Troodo is slightly busted, while Pyro should probably lose ID (RDI will be enough to counter Thor, if want fast damage mitigation, sidestep)

Pterodom is busted, I think that it shouldn’t carry cloak, high speed and damage, AND insane resistances, on top of some insane passives. It’s to good at everything, needs to be beaten by something.

Therizino is cool, but maybe lower some speed in exchange for a better impact

Spino is actually pretty cool, although maybe nix the counter so it’s not bringing down cunnings with what they should beat

so pyrodonychus is too op?

Pyro just needs to lose ID so it doesn’t out damage the resilients that should beat it, Pterodom needs to be nerfed by a lot to even be considered what with how everything in existence is slapped onto it

what does ID Stands for


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Here is my rework for pyrodonychus

Why do everytime i replied to someone they always ignore my replies

Instant Distraction, it def shouldn’t have that

Also sorry lol it’s a thing with the forum where you don’t exactly get your answer bearly as fast as your hoping

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That’s a bit better, at least it properly loss to resilients

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Also you aay pterodominus is a bit broken so i rework it a bit

I still don’t understand how you’re supposed to beat it, only creature I think can beat it reliably is Spyx, and even then Spyx almost loses.

No, its still pretty busted with 1400 attack. Maybe it could be like this:
4600 Health
1000 Damage
117 Speed
0 Armor
15 Critical Chance
Precise Shattering Strike
Lethal Wound
Armor Piercing Rampage
Precise rampage
No escape

I made it like this so it could be sorta like a weaker spinonyx for newer players to use.

Therizinolophosaurus is busted too and will kill many creatures that are not resistant to wound in just one turn. I suggest taking away wounding counter, changing cunning rampage to cunning impact, and attack 1000. Buff the distraction resistance to 100%.