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More non hybrid legendaries

What do you think will be the next non hybrid legendary? We can’t really tell if other non hybrid legendaries will be lux creatures since parasaurolphus lux is the only canon dinosaur that has bioluminesence so they could be something else

New non-hybrid legendaries I would like to see are Rexy, Lost world raptors, JP3 raptors, Bumpy, JP3 Pteranodons, and Tauro

I would guess creatures like Roberta the T-Rex(JP) with accurate JP looking model that only uses the roars in the Jurassic Park series, not JW.

My guess too that rexy, bumpy and toro will be added as non hybrid legendaries

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Perhaps if pyroraptor and dimetrodon are really in jurassic world dominion we could get a legendary pyroraptor gen 2 and dimetrodon

I feel like creatures such as those can only be added as legendaries depending on what they do in the movie, ex. if they have plot armor and have some sort of role and are important like rexy or blue they would get to be legendaries or be epic( or bellow) with their own titles. But if they just appear as animals being animals I just think they’ll do what they did with Allo in battle at big rock and just add it as a gen 2

I honestly think that non hybrid legendarys would be genetecly modified real life creatures. I mean thats what i thought tho guess it could be official jp series creatures like toro, rexy and bumpy

But i think pyroraptor won’t get a gen 2 since he already is an epic and as by now epics didn’t got a rare or common gen 2. Well the gen 2 could be a legendary. As for dimetrodon. Don’t know how the new one would be called since dimetrodon has already a gen 2. Maybe gen 3 but i don’t think they will add another gen version

That’s probably gonna happen. But i don’t understand why they decided to call it parasaurolphus lux and not parasaurolphus gen 2 like in jurassic world the game