More of those Epic dinosaurs on the map please

it’s pretty sad that these epic dinosaurs can almost only be found during events and never on the map! very rarely do I find an epic, neither with giga scent nor when I go on long journeys and pass all sorts of places, it is still so difficult to find epics! I think more of these should come out on the map! anyone else who agrees with me there?

Most days I get a couple in around 5hrs gameplay. Good day today, I hit 5 just after lunch in pretty quick succession, but nothing in over6 hours now. Admittedly, rates are marginally better if I’m out & about but that’s not every day plus it’s the middle of winter!!

Daily rare spawn frequency seems to have dropped the last couple of weeks, had zero deer/haast on their days one raptor today, two gorgos on Thurs but one of them was a supermarket spawn.