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More On Escape Moves

I think a really good way to combat the disgustingly overused swap in meta would be to add on escape abilities to lots of uniques that either aren’t meta or are meta but are very vulnerable to being swapped in on.
Literally only Testacornibus and Spinoconstrictor have a GOOD on escape ability, and I know people will want to bring up Grypolyth but pretty much everything meta except Cera, Dioraja, Lux and Tryko can usually escape it bc of resistance.
On Escape moves really were added to combat the swap in meta, but unfortunately hardly anything can actually use them.
And yes I’m aware of other dinos having on escapes, but I’m only talking about the meta ones


Someone said I have a good use :scream: :sob: :star_struck: :heart_eyes:
but yeah, more on escape would be nice
not sure if I even have the best on escape move


Other than that move I don’t think Spinoconstrictor is good at all lol

oh… :cry: :sob:
but I understand, as it was said several times in what’s the worst unique hybrid thread where I was deemed the worst of the worst

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My rework for You…


You forget dio?

Awww, sad snake

How about on escape ferocity for Baryonyx and Tryostronix


I’d also like to see them reduce the number of creatures that have swap prevention resistance. Something like Lania should not be able to escape from Grypo.


Oops, lemme add him

Titanoboa Gen 2 and Majungdaboa say hello. But I would like more On Escapes

Spinocon’s is actually kind of terrible. It’s so weak you can just swap between dior and lux/grypo/tryk and kill it without ever taking a wounding counter.

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Most accounts here:

I guess its official…


Pterovexus: I’ll take this loss (though seriously it’s so bad. 4000 damage in 3 turns, with a focus on bleed which in this meta is terrible, no on escape, low health, sup par damage, and only damage mitigation is DI).


I think that would still make me 2nd to worst or still the worst since I have seen some even say the tiny ptera was better than me

If they ever make a Legendary or Unique with On Escape Rampage, it’ll really shake things up.

I’m running Titanoboa in the Gyro-Library, and it’s a very useful ‘final creature’.

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Yeah, vex is so bad rn. It’s a shame bc I loved using it a few months ago but it literally can only take off half health of something and then it will die