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More "On Swap Out" moves please

Swap-in attacks were a mistake, plain and simple. And it’s too late to fix it now. But they can add more On Swap moves from the snakes. These moves (and no escape) are the only things in the game that can punish people for swapping out. And there are only about 5 creatures who have them, none of them really being relevant enough to use at 4900 and above. We need more of the snakes and spinosaurs, I’m still hoping for a spinotasuchus hybrid soon.


While there are a few relevant ones like titanoboa, testacornibus, and grypolyth, I agree, especially now that they made another swapper viable according to some datamines in Dracoreratosaurus and with the possibility of a swap-in stunning strike-like move being 100% chance to stun


Take a look at this thread: I think it’s a similar concept to what you’re talking about. On Escape Dodge

Do you also want to have abilities that trigger when something swaps IN? Meaning something can swap out freely but the new swap in is punished?

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Currently we dont have 5 creatures with on escape abilities, we have 28 and some of them are relevant, however yes we definitely need more on escape creatures AND abilities i totally agree about it.
Also unfortunately spinotasuchus is already a super-hybrid so it can’t get a hybrid

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I meant only 5 or 6 with on escape moves, not no escape. But yeah only 2 of them are viable past 5000 and even then they’re not great.

there are 7 with on escape abilities actually but yes only 2 are viable

I disagree it’s too late to change it. Swap in moves need a nerf, I’m not accepting its “too late”