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More one step one dino epic boss stirkes

Dear ludia,

If your reading this please consider giving us more epic one step strike events that only have one or two dinos to face instead of three. It would greatly help players progress in the game. Especially newer players. Please consider this. Thank you


Also it gives more players of a sense fun and accomplishment. Like that battle was really hard but I did it.


And Lord Rex tower.


I have to agree. I like the new themed incubators that give the 200 specific DNA plus the regular epic.

However, like you say I would like to see the return of some like the one that had Lvl 30 Nodopatotitan and the like

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I have a fairly high level team and I would like a tower I have to think about before attempting


Dig down in your deck a little and pick 4 creatures you think would make it challenging. No need to always use your top 8 where they will one-shot everything. You can make them as challenging as you like.

Pick 4 level 20 ingredient creature and have at it.


Well… the battles were hard until stat boosts.

It’s still challenging for low lvl players I think even with boosts


Personally that’s why I do, theres no more fun if i just pick my A team and crush those epic tower.

We used to plan those tower with @Aaron_Norris.


towers with a single dinosaur at level 30 for low-level players … Towers of the Lords like those of Lord Lythronax for high-level players, because now the towers are very easy by the Stat Boosts and are no longer a challenge.

Epic Strikes shouldn’t be for low level players… They just feel like they are now that it’s ridiculously easy to beat them.

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That’s probably because you have a bunch of high level stat boosted legendaries and uniques

We need waaayyy more boss events like Lord Lythronax. That was fun, really really enjoyable. Also, don’t let us use boosts in the event, just give the creature an ability that disables them. Boss events were so fun. Please, please please make more


Yes, because those Strike Towers should be for high level players, like they were before boosts. But now even teams under level 20 can beat the three level 30’s.

I wasn’t always strong. When Epic towers started, my team was around level 16, 17… so sometimes I won, sometimes I lost two, three times (spending cash for retries) and I had to live with that. It’s part of the game.

But as I’ve said here so many times in the past, we should have easier Epic Strikes and create a level 30 boosted Legendary towers… And that’s more necessary than ever today.


Those multi-round strike events are so annoying. No more 10 round strike events!! All i do is tap strike over and over for the whole damn thing. What is the point of so many rounds when it just has the same exact dino again and again?? Stop it!