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More Opinions of: Thoradolosaur

A remake of Article #16 in the “Opinions of:” series. Is it still worth a team slot? What are your opinions?

Tier: High Apex

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My opinion: Used to use it, but I feel now it’s basically outclassed by Tenentorex. Unsure why people still like it since it’s not very good in this meta; loses to so many top tiers. Even the long neck immunes can wreck it.

Feel like it’s because of the endless amount of Sino dna we’ve gotten for a while now.


People use use this stupid beast because of it’s attack stat paired with it’s 40% crit chance, it’s an overpowered monster, especially when it’s faster than everything you’ve got (old boost system).

My opinion is that this thing need it’s crit chance brought down to 30/20% and some attack taken.

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Already played against one with 134 speed. Seems that players stick to the deserved warhorses.


NostratMcFluffFace strikes again. Blyadhehsjskejdjgjsjdkarghhhhhhhdidhrehrighaa!

It isnt really that op. If you boost up it’s counters just as much, then it’s not really that big of a problem. Most thors ive seen just get killed by my team , even before this boost rework.

if you wanna see op, take a look at Indo Gen 2 and Ardentismaxima, as well as the Rat


Cool design and I like using it. But when I get tentonorex it might struggle to stay on my team

I’m still running her on my team. She’s my highest leveled creature at 27, but I’ve definitely noticed she’s not nearly as useful as she once was. She’s also unboosted though, (as well as the rest of my team). I’d consider switching her out for tenontorex, but mine is only creation level at the moment and I rarely ever come across tenonto in the wild or through incubators. So unless we get tenonto for the daily mission rewards, I don’t think I’ll get her to team level anytime soon.

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yeah, it honestly began when crit was nerfed. Then Ardentismaxima and Gemnititan got massive buffs, enough to where they can screw with it. Finally, the meta is leaning towards immune, and most top tier immunes can handle thor.

Winning Matchups (using tyrant and high apex creatures):

-Erlidominus (if it bypasses cloak)

Losing Matchups:

-Indoraptor Gen 2
-Pterovexus (if the vexus plays optimally)



Thor loses to a ton of things currently. So if i were you, Id 100% switch to Tenentorex if you get the resources. Thor absolutely shreds mid apex and lower, but in endgame, it is starting to lose it’s usefulness, as it’s counters are starting to get way more popular. What I think is hilarious is that I’ve began to hear a few claim Allosino is better because of the armor and it can handle Ardentis and Gemini a bit better than Thor


I call it Thorn and it was my most hated dino, with the new system it isnt a pain as it was.


It’s a bit overrated.

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One of the worst uniques. Doesn’t deserve a nerf. People just think it does because it’s always higher level.

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Underpowered for this meta, but otherwise fine. If this meta is to remain, it could use a small buff.

Im very glad im not the only one who think thor isnt good nowadays. Just wish the thor fans would accept that fact. It just isnt worth the effort, even if we’ve been given all that sino dna


I still use her and will for a long time.

She’s a beautiful creature, I’m a sucker for green. :slight_smile:


Ever since I created her, she has been on my team and will remain there. Have her speed at tier 11 and its attack to tier 14. It is able to wipe out whole teams. Does not crit as often as she used to. Does not need a nerf at all.

I love Thor. That said, I never really made mine a beast with boosts like that. That made me kind of stray away from her. The way it could be abused before. But the design is great. And it’s true, it’s not the best in this meta. It’s always higher leveled which was the real problem along with overboosting. But Thor will remain on my team. Tenontorex is better and more suited up for this meta. I love both of them though. They don’t have to be the best for me heh.

Cant comment on game since im not in it, but from a design point I liked it except if I was on the design team I would have made its crown a big smaller, maybe just cut off the top part above the holes, and I think it would look perfect.


Still a pain in the backside.

I spread my boosts evenly so mainly tier 2 across the board generally. People have just poured everything back into Thor to create stuff like this

At this point in the match it was 1-1 I had 2 fresh dinos whereas they had 2 half dead and this Thor. Lost 3-1