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More options for 3 star scales

You need a lot of 3 star scales but can get 1 of each colour in a week. Sometimes 2. Depends on the weekend. But most Quest for those scales are too hard. So you cant get Them. After a while your stuck, cant level your dragons because lack of those scales.

When Will there be another wat to get Them. Cause this is too hard, more time consuming. If you need the scales for multiple dragons you need to wait more than a month, if you van het Them at all…

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Seems like they’ve started selling scale packages, including 3* scales…so there’s that.

-insert tea sipping gif here- :unamused:

EDIT: I should mention, however, that aside from my own saltiness over the matter, once you build a repertoire of dragons that isn’t just high in BP, but healthy in their abilities, it really does make a difference in taking down those 3* waves (save for purple, depending on the teams…).

If you’re in a clan, perhaps ask your clanmates for advice on the dragons you have for the best match up? I’m still a bit novice in this area myself so there are easily others out there better suited to go to, but my own advice leans towards focusing on dragons whose abilities buff the entire team, make sure they are buffs that don’t cancel each other out as certain ones do not stack, etc.