More Pachylodon art because why not show him off a bit more


Don’t think the model/creature designers have ever let me down before this one. They have done the best job on this game. But this one bothers me a lot. It really sucks. I had no problem with cenzoics at all thought they were cool even. But now one of them dominated my favorite dino. I wish they never joined the game! Wait till it happens to one of your favorite dinos, have fun with cenzoics dominating there features.


They could do something close to this if it ever gets a unique. I mean, it looks beautiful!

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Are you using prismacolor or faber-castell for these? The quality is good and blending reminds me a lot of prisma colored pencils with a good blender.

Looks like some copic markers too. :o

Well… about that… mine was already turned into hybrid it was concavonator, and it looks pretty cool

The concave hybrid looks cool and I’m glad it got one too. Don’t you wish it was mixed with elasmo instead? So you can have a rhino with no concave traits except a sail lol.

These colors just made our Friday here.


Thank you!