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More park expansion please…


You have added lots of new land dinosaurs, including the oversized playable bosses. Can you please grant us some more places to put them? Feeling a little cramped these days.



Is this including Sorna?

Yes… part of the issue is that I don’t sell off any of the special tournament decorations. I prefer to collect them, even though most of them are worthless compared to clock towers, etc. If there was a way to store these like hatched Dinos without clogging the trade harbor with structures or statues I didn’t want to sell, expansion would not be needed. I still prefer displaying them and expansion, though. Same is true for my Dinos, I suppose, as I don’t store paddocks.


I am the same. I don’t store any creatures in the asset repository. And I agree there should be more expansions. Especially with new creatures coming… there needs to be more space to put them down somewhere! I was hoping Update 52 (the one with the crashes) would unlock more expansions but I guess that was just wishful thinking…


First, hello and welcome to the forums, @DracoBolt, second, for me if space is a problem because personally I like to see all my dinos abroad X D

I know they have more expansions planed just by the way the island is laid out and some of the aerial views we have seen. We won’t get additional park expansions until they raise the level cap past 99 which will hopefully be soon.


Yes in some of the bird’s eye views we see in the newsboard, there is still plenty of room for expansion on Isle Sorna.

Maybe a bit off-topic but I also wonder that why do we have unnecessarily wide gaming map, as we can scroll around the sea that much. Like both of the islands disappear off sight. Is it an easter egg in a way, or just a simple clumsiness happened in the early stages of the game’s development?

Really curious about it.




Its been 9(maybe 10 now) months since the last expansion for Sorna. If they come in the next update (unlikely at this point of the boss releases being a priority) then we’re looking at a whole year since previous expansions.

I really don’t understand why. They removed battle stage unlocks, and they could easily just give us DNA packs instead of full on dino releases. I guess they don’t know what Dinos to put up for unlocks?

I really just wish that this would be higher on their priority list… :weary: :pensive:


You mean rather than giving us one sample of dinos but only with different names right?

Yeah it would be far much of a use. They are all sitting on my catalog unlocked, instead. :expressionless:

“Ohh!! Another 2.7ish health 800ish attacking creature with an hard to spell name on it! Lemme grind all weekend long reaching it! Let’s go!”

images - 2021-06-18T160336.812


And yeap, we need expansions. ASAP.


Well yea I want isla sorna fully excavated

Thanks :smiley: and yeah. Do you think it is likely that the level cap will go beyond 99? How would they fit 3 figures in such a small space in the top left?

I dont mind getting more space to increase multipliers on the good dino pens. I am sure others want to decorate and make roads and such and have all dinos out. So added space is always welcome.

But i have been playing for a few years. I am currently working on building up the mid range dinos to increase their code 19 results to a decent level. I feel that if they cant generate 8 sdna and 250 dna in code 19, i dont want them on the island. That’s why I have about 80 dinos permanently in asset repository.

Eventually dna will be critical to all players. If you play code 19 to max value you can probably generate 4k- 5k in dna a day from it. If you leave out dinos who earn 5 sdna and 30 dna, your really missing out important resources.

At some point coins will not be a factor for all players. Until then, you can always pick up the poor code 19 earners (that earn big coins) and put them back after you finish code 19. Right now, I am down to picking up 8 pens. I hope to get that to zero soon.

There is a useful thread on here about maximizing code 19. I contacted the original poster to see if it can get updated for the new dinos and make the sdna and dna max output easier to find in the data.


Smaller font. That’s not the issue tho. It’s the things that go along with it, like level caps for bracketed events, story missions, and the level based battles.

I just wish we’d get consistent lvls added with every update, otherwise it will be multiple years for all of sorna to be unlocked.

Maybe the other islands of the Cinco Muertos Archipelago could be implemented in?

@Keith - any hope for a park expansion soon? Thanks!

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Hello @Henry1,
As of now, no news about a park expansion.


Well this makes me upsetti spaghetti… it’s been almost a year since we’ve had more expansions and subsequent level cap raise. With the new boss paddock ls being so large I have no space for them or many of the lower-rarities of dinos.

Is it because of technical limitations, lack of late game direction, different game priorities, and/or lingering Covid problems?

If my count is correct, we still have 17 expansions left on Sorna.


Wow, it’s a little disappointing to hear that they don’t have new expansions planned and all that that implies.


Not sure if it implies anything specially for over 1-2 years the game had no expansions before the second island was added.

Keith can’t speak to anything that is not public or soon to be public, we could have an expansion a week or two from now and Keith wouldn’t be able to tell us that unless there was already an official release of information about what’s coming.

But then again it could be a few months from now and Keith still wouldn’t be able to say anything.

My guess is it’s coming but it’s not coming this week :wink: