More park expansion please…

@Keith - any hope for a park expansion soon? Thanks!


Hello @Henry1,
As of now, no news about a park expansion.


Well this makes me upsetti spaghetti… it’s been almost a year since we’ve had more expansions and subsequent level cap raise. With the new boss paddock ls being so large I have no space for them or many of the lower-rarities of dinos.

Is it because of technical limitations, lack of late game direction, different game priorities, and/or lingering Covid problems?

If my count is correct, we still have 17 expansions left on Sorna.


Wow, it’s a little disappointing to hear that they don’t have new expansions planned and all that that implies.


Not sure if it implies anything specially for over 1-2 years the game had no expansions before the second island was added.

Keith can’t speak to anything that is not public or soon to be public, we could have an expansion a week or two from now and Keith wouldn’t be able to tell us that unless there was already an official release of information about what’s coming.

But then again it could be a few months from now and Keith still wouldn’t be able to say anything.

My guess is it’s coming but it’s not coming this week :wink:


Hello again, everyone! :wave:
Just to further clarify to my answer,
The team is definitely eyeing a Park extension in the future, but I do not believe it will happen in an immediate update.


Yeah I figured. With Daven saying nothing was planned I assumed that meant at the very least it wouldn’t apply to the next update.

So while it’s the soon mantra where nothing is set in stone, it is good to hear that more expansions are being considered. I just hope we get 4-5 tiles, if not more when more are released.

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@Daven … any update on an update? Thanks


I really wonder the rest of Isla Sorna.

It feels so restricted while you are able to see only a small part of another big island.


Hello, @Henry1
Unfortunately, still no news of an immediate Park expansion.


So I take it that means no level cap increase for the next update either?


Yikes, that’s horrible news regarding the direction of this game right now… I hope the development team for JWTG understands that this game still has a large, dedicated fan base.


I’m afraid not that large considering their anticipation of profits.

JWA seems to be new trend now. At least commenting on the ads we are seeing lately, not even a single trace of our beloved JWTG on the other hand.

I think we are playing with a shell that the host has long gone. :thought_balloon:

Money talks and never stops talking. :money_with_wings:


I still think this game has some life left in it. However all the recent dinos and content might be the last push before the game gives out.

From my experience games with a loyal fanbase either flat out die one day, or there in a final fight for life that prolongs the game a bit longer.

If my predictions are correct, we might see a few more content pushes before the game goes on life support (ceasing development resources outside of what it takes to keep the servers online and maybe someone to control events and tournament reruns).

Chances are this and Alive will last through Dominion, then when the franchise gets rebooted again Ludia will pump out a new game that hopefully isn’t in the style of Alive (I hope).

But as it stands my guess as to why it’s been a year since any tile unlocks is due to how resources are being managed, and it seems as most resources are going towards Alive ports nowadays, and the occasional new dino. The storyboard aspect isn’t s focus and thus no level cap increase meaning no expansions because of the absolute arbitrary linkage between the two.


Well not exactly, I did see a few JWtG ads as well.

Also, as a JWA player myself I can say Alive itself isn’t doing all that well either. Does seem to be way more popular and getting Ludia’s attention more but still has it’s flaws. Just day before yesterday we had the 2.11 update and that as well had glitches and bugs. Added to that, the current state of PvP and creatures moveset is another major issue.

Though the discussion isn’t about Alive or glitches and bugs as such, I just wanted to highlight that Ludia pulls the lazy card out on even Alive at times…

JWtG has definitely slowed down recently. Thankfully we have not gotten anything taken away from us yet, instead just indefinite halting of benefits (level cap, expansions, VIP monthly). I agree with @Cagkan_Coskun and @OstaposaurusBae on that, hopefully Dominion next year boosts JWtG along with JWA even if to a small extent.


My only concern here is the prices in the market for everything seem to have been halved in the most recent update.

Really ludia should just push an update similar to what happened in the first year, where they release a group of hybrids of different classes in one go. (If anyone remembers the tropeo, stegoceratops, carnoraptor, indom release)

Easily done if they just recycle existing animations, I mean at least alive gets a group of creatures released on an update I dont understand why the game has to be just 1 every now and again.

A group of different creatures in 1 single update would certainly attract more players and would most certainly entice the current player base for sure. And we have soooooo many gaps that need filling.


Yes this is something that would be nice in JWtG. Alive releases the new creatures as well as their hybrid together in the update. For this to work in The Game though they’d have to up the rewards and/or resources in daily events so that players can catch up to new releases. They already found a way to level segregate rewards of the Dino Bucks event, would be nice if they could enable higher level players to have better resources in the event rewards at least considering it with respect to the kind of opponents end game players face in PvE.


Even if they didnt do this it would work more in their favour than 1 release every 2 weeks or so.

I think they beleive they are increasing longevity by doing this but a whole bundle of creatures to catch up to would certainly have a better effect imo. Players would also be more motivated as the current pace is just :snail: :zzz: I’ve seen countless posts on the forums where players have said they feel like the game has been dying out over the past year or so and that is pretty much the reality of it and the aura it gives off what with these slow releases.

I mean as late game players we have the resources there to max out certain creatures we want anyway so I really wouldnt mind being overwhelmed with choices for once.


Can’t agree more, by the time the game progresses your top ferocity increases along with the resources you need plus the ferocities of opponents within. We all have seen the Sion’s Pachygalo and its single portion. Hence, this should be applied to the tourneys too, especially to the VIPs. 'Cause being a late game player and VIP on top of it, makes you progress like crazy. But with the current shape of sources, it’s like a long walk at the desert with a single bottle of water.

Better rewards for higher level players shouldn’t be a consideration for the next updates, it’s a MUST.



The pace is a snooze because we only get new dinos through tournaments, or the occasional hybrid/super hybrid/VIP dino release.

If they dumped new dinos at the launch of a new update, THEN the rest of the period before the next update would still be a snooze, because all the shiny new toys everyone got during the update. The current model just keeps everyone playing on the edge of their seats, by saying “what will NEXT weeks tournament be; will it be a new dino?”

I don’t dislike the current pace, I just wish a focus would turn to more hybrids, super hybrids, and VIP dinos, Even porting hybrids require the exact same work as porting regular dinos.

I don’t think upping rewards is the solution.

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