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More Permanent Spot for Unique Dragons

In the game there is currently 14 dragons that can have a spot that is designated only for him, whether it is the hut of it’s rider or rainbow meadow.
Those dragons are:

  1. Toothless (Hiccup)
  2. Stormfly (Astrid)
  3. Hookfang (Snutlout)
  4. Barf and Belch (Ruff and Tuff)
  5. Meatlug (Fishleg)
  6. Windshear (Heather)
  7. Sleuther (Dagur)
  8. Grump (Gobber)
  9. Cloudjumper ( Valka)
  10. Skullcrusher (Eret)
  11. Light Fury (Rainbow Meadow- main)
  12. Ruffrunner (Rainbow Meadow-1)
  13. Dart (Rainbow Meadow-2)
  14. Pouncer (Rainbow Meadow-3)

I personally is a collector person, and love collecting dragons that is the dragon of unique character. I personally wanted more character’s hut to be build and can have dragon placed on the hut. Below are a few suggestion of possible candidates that I will want to add.

  • Thornado (Stoick- technically, his last dragon was skullcrusher but that was given to Eret)
    -Whip and Lash (Bucket and Mulch)
  • Spitelout’s Kingstail (Spitelout)
  • {(^_^)}'s<^),//,)~ (Gothi- she techically have an hut on top of meade hall but no dragon can be put on it)
  • Krogan’s Singetail (Krogan)
  • Viggo’s Flightmare (Viggo- though Viggo was never seen riding this dragon rather only using it to capture Hiccup/ so it might not be the best choice for Viggo)
  • Liberated Hardcast (Drago Bludvist - It was mostly what his dragon army is composed of)
  • Grimmel’s Deathgripper (Grimmel the Grisly- there is no specific deathgripper for Grimmel in the game yet)

There is so many character that can be added, it will be so cool if they actually got added to the game.


Forgot Him:

  • Fanghook (Gustav, I think a lot of people have acquire this dragon from edge pack!)