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More players, more income and less problems

Right now this game is a “fear” economy. Fear of needing large amounts of DB to heal creatures to complete events, buy mods to use and even fear of losing the DNA building for canceling VIP. Players don’t buy stuff out of fear. They try to get free DB anyway they can and hoard it. Adding more battles to events and less free DB only creates more fear and even drives players out of the game. It does NOT make players buy more DB with cash. What you need is a fun based economy. 2 key things would really help this.

  1. Normal PvP battle revamp to mirror the JW Alive system in having the PvP system include a built-in 30 day tournament and leveled prizes (just normal stuff like DNA, loyalty points and maybe a few MODs). The current one battle and one spin thing is like having a Pro sports game that does not count total wins for the season but just gives little plastic trophies after each game. You need a Superbowl!!!

  2. Make spending DB fun and stop the hoarding of free DB by removing the reuse timers from creatures. Alive does not have timers.You only pay DB for another try if you lose the event battle. Players want to spend money and fast and fun things. They don’t like having to pay just to make basic game play possible. So, having more battles for each event creates more fun NOT fear.

I currently spend zero DB on battle refreshes even with the newest changes. I have purchased MODs with DB on occasion but haven’t for sometime as I have not needed them for anything, when I run low I will probably purchase some, but currently I do get plenty of SR MODs from the rare wheel.

I wouldn’t mind a revamp of the PvP wheels but currently I think the Elite MOD PvP wheel is pretty good based on the prizes available.

Have you been doing the MOD events? I rarely do them myself. They don’t really seem worth the effort to me.

I do every event that is offered. Both MOD and un MODed events.

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