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More profile pictures


Let’s be honest, the profile picture options are pretty limited. Of course it’s not the most important feature of the game but for those of us who like to have fun with those, we would love more options. Maybe consider allowing us to upload our own? Not sure if that would cause too many issues. At the very least I’d love to see more designs, different dinosaurs, and more color options. Just for funsies.


That’s a good idea tbh. Although, I’m wondering how they will filter inappropriate pictures X_X


I’m sure they can figure something out. I doubt it’ll be as bad as tumblrs filtering though. :joy:


Someone had an idea that you could unlock new pics by doing stuff in the game. I don’t know why Ludia hasn’t taken that idea yet.


I just want an Indominus profile pick. Starting to get sick of my Indoraptor one :frowning:


I like the idea of unlocking.

I dislike uploading our own. … It is like giving chainsaws to monkeys


I actually like the idea of being able to make a custom icon like alliance leaders can.

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this is the only profile pic i require or desire:


though a spinotasuchus would be cool too


I’m speechless!! :flushed::heart_eyes:

back of hand on forehead
extra swoon


I agree, unlocking new ones would be a great “Achievement” to add!


Agreed and add an option of flagging pic if someone’s pic is offending in some way.


I want a profile pic of my bun. Seriously, be 10 minutes late with her pellets and you’ll wish she was only Indom. :rabbit2::t_rex:


Hah!! I thought it was only my bunny that would turn extra evil fierce if I’m late with his food! Good to know we aren’t alone.


LOL, it’s surprisingly amusing watching a rabbit hulk out when hangry. Those poor toys. :smiley: I just make sure to toss the pellets into her room over the gate before stepping in.


Haaahaha! No kidding!


@xkuntra your fur baby is adorable!


Simple solution: make profile pics customizable like the Alliance avatars. Give us a few foreground pics, backgrounds, choose colours… easy peasy (not sure of Ludia’s stance on squeezing lemons, so I won’t mention that part so I don’t get flagged)

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