More Pterosaurs and hybrids Wishlist


I’ve long awaited the pterosaur update and now that it’s here they are great! I’m sure it’s already planned too expand them but these are ones I’d love to see down the road:
Pterosaur hybrids I’d like to see from our current roster:
What other pterosaurs do you guys want added?


I personally want Areotitan (sorry if I spelt it wrong) added. As for hybrids I would like a Quetzalcoloatus hybrid.


I’ll suggest for this kid:


Might not be a famous one, but for some reason:

  1. This kid is named just in 2018, one of the newest discovered Pterosaurs!
  2. It’s relative to Dimorphodon, so they can share part of the 3D model. That won’t be too hard to design.
  3. It’s the biggest Pterosaur we know in Triassic.
  4. That name! Caelestiventus means heavenly wind, sounds really cool IMO.:joy:


Big ugly Triassic flappy thing. Wonder if this was the largest thing we know of that was flying in the Triassic skies… Still nowhere near the size of the Azdharchids, but big for its time.


I hadn’t heard about that one, really cool!
It’d be nice to see them delve into recent discoveries


What about a Quetzalcoatlus+Gryposuchus hybrid?


That’d be cool.


Archaeopteryx. Not a pterosaur but a popular bird and needs to be added. Need pterosaur hybrids that look more like dragons!


How about Concavenator with Pteranodon and make that a super Unique? :scream:


It would be a legendary since its prerequisites are both epics


Make it a trio and merge that with an existing legendary. Betcha people will have a riot if it’s a Unique hybrid with Stegodeus or Monomimus involved :rofl: