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More raid bosses on the same day

Do you think we should have more bosses on the same day? I think yes because this might gets avoiding the removal of raids like the mammoth raid. And considering we probably get also more apex creatures and we have a apex every day of the week already this might prevent the removal of an apex raid boss wich would be bad for low level players who aren’t high enough for raids yet

  • Yes more bosses should be roaming the same day
  • No the current raids are already hard enough

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I think that there should be apex, unique, legendry, epic and rare raids everyday. It would only make sense and i think that that’s what ludia is gonna do.

There are already to many raids. On weekends is barely enough time to do one apex raid, especially on weekends with skill tournaments. On top of that game has so many bugs that cries for QOL improvements. Starting a raid usually requires more time than raid itself, cause of various bugs.

Some of us can luckily skip some raids, that its at least manageable to get through week.

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but just who seriously obliges you other people have more time on weekends yes would be annoying enough for those who have to do them every day I barely have time in so if there are any on weekends, that’s fine

But if we remain only having one apex per day this means that apexes could be removed when there’s a new one wich wouldn’t be fair for low level players who aren’t high enough to do the current apex raids if one gets removed like the mammoth raid. Unless there’s a new way of getting apex dna outside of raids

Thats assuming, we wont need apex dna after finishing creature (lvl 30). They can add new hybrids tier above apex any time. Also got first unique hybrid, that isn’t superhybrid (Compsocaulus) and gen 3.

Unless they add new hybrid tier, new players will have hard time getting apex dna anyway, even if raids remain on schedule. Why doing apex raids when you don’t need dna anymore.

More raids would be great and is something my alliance talks about all the time. We are new(er) players; mostly level 16-22 dinos, so we really need more epic & legendary DNA to start pushing dino levels and take on unique level raids.

It would be equally awesome for Ludia to add raids based on progression needs. In other words, make raids for key, hard to get dinos like say…Tuoramoloch.

A Stygi raid for instance… who even uses that dino for anything anymore?? But yes, more raids… 7-days a week and those grinding apexes don’t need to be bothered with it anyways… changes nothing for them.

If you’re doing Apexes then you’ll hardly be bothered by more epic & legendary level raids. But, totally get your point on the bugs…