More Raids

Here is my idea for a few new raids!
Saturday: Nasutoceratops boss, Dakotahraptor boss, Pteraquetzel boss, and Magnapyritor boss

Sunday: Girrafititan boss, Eucladoceros boss, indoraptor gen2 boss, and poukandactylus boss

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Nice boss concepts but the only ones I would need are the ones I need for vasilas (I.E nasuto and eudiclaceros)

I’ll take Nasu, Dakota, Ptera, Eucla, and Indo G2.

En serio aun led queda tiwmpo para jugar con todas las raids que tenemos entre semana…a parte del torneo del finde piden mas incursiones… Como lo hacen para tenrr tiempo? No trabajan? no tienen familia?

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Seriously, there is still time left to play with all the raids we have during the week… apart from the weekend tournament, they ask for more raids… How do they do it to have time? Do not work? don’t have family?

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I would like a pteraquetzal and Dakotaraptor boss. Would also like an albertosaurus and Arctlaces boss

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True, that would be very good

I would like Dakotaraptor boss.

We don’t need indo gen2 as a boss, i’d rather something more useful.

Like arctalces?

I’m not building the apex bear but that sounds good and a lot better.As others would want it’s dna.

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