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More revenge, On escape, and just general buffs!

Some of these may be combinations of each other, like On escape and a creature buff to support that.
Starting with the creature/dino buffs!

  1. Indoraptor.
    This will make Indo more versatile in the arena, and a swap in counter!

This one I wasnt too sure on, Lmk if its too much.

  1. Spinoconstrictor.
    Once again, a more versatile creature, able to counter those swappers, and hold its own in 1v1 battle!

  2. Dakotanops.
    This buff will make Dakotanops be relevant early on, as its able to hold its own against most fierce creatures! Since it has many turn one options with revenge, its very versatile!

  3. Stygidaryx.
    With this buff, Stygidaryx is now more viable. It can tank more with the armor, and has a good swap in ability.

  4. Majundaboa.
    With this, majundaboa no longer loses to those pesky decelerating resilients! Gaining more attack, health, PR, and more resistances, its a viable counter to almost any resilient out there! Its even better for Magnus now too!

  5. Dracoceratosaurus.
    This buff gives dracocerato a massively needed health and speed buff, along with a cleansing impact delay, so it can’t swap out right away.

Now, onto the revenge!

  1. Leontosaurus.
    This guy is one of the bigger gorgonopsids! Thus, he is slower, but more tanky, and does more damage! (found everywhere!)

  2. Leontogreus.
    This guy gives newer players a more viable early game revenge creature! (I find it really hard for newer players to get entelochops if they dont have the zones) He is tanky and a wildcard! I dont think we have a revenge wildcard yet…

  3. Deinocaulus.
    I noticed we didn’t have NEARLY enough rare hybrids, so I made this! I think its pretty balanced, and has a few T1 options!


Give me any feedback you have, as I might be making more!

and also maybe can a mod recommend these? XD thanks.

@Mudkipz you tend to give really good and helpful feedback, anything wrong with these?

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Thanks for the compliment! I’ll check those out later.

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Everything is generally balanced. Nice job! Here’s what I think about all of them:

Indoraptor: I like the addition of Cautious Strike and gaining an on escape ability. Echolocation looks cool, but it probably only needs to dodge for 2 turns since it also increases damage (and again, you always have Cautious Strike to fall back on). I was going to say that having two damage increasing moves is too much, but one is more of a swap detterant so it’s fine. For stats, I would leave the health at 4200 or even reduce it a bit: you’re going to have dodge up much more often now, and you also have a healing move for some sustain. For resistances, I would change DoT to 100% and Distraction to 50%. Losing cunning strike means it can’t cleanse DoT on demand anymore, and it makes sense for both fierce and cunning to resist DoT. On the other hand, Indoraptor is now more fierce and has damage boosting moves, so Distraction should be more effective against it.

Spinoconstrictor: I really like making Spinoconstrictor a wild card. Changing it’s basic attack helps it a lot. The moves are fine- sidestep is a good addition. I might nerf the attack a bit, since it gained an additional damaging move in Nullifying Impact and has a counter for additional damage. The resistances are where I think it needs the most work. It’s fully immune to speed decrease and distraction, and that makes it very powerful. It is still weak to chompers, but I would consider removing it’s immunity to either deceleration or distraction. Distraction in particular could be lowered to at least 50%; since it bodies dodgers so hard, cunnings should have some counterplay against it. Don’t forget that it always has the option to cleanse anyway with Sidestep.

Dakotanops: The stats and resistances are great. The biggest change here seems to be Revenge Debilitating Impact. I like the idea of more dinos having 75% damage reduction, and Dakotanops is a great candidate. But doing 75% damage reduction for THREE TURNS on revenge on an impact move is really strong. Conservatively, I would change it to Debilitating Distraction. More experimentally, it could be Debilitating distracting impact (75% for two turns, 1.5x damage) or revenge Debilitating distraction (where it always does 75% damage reduction for two turns, but only does 1.5x damage on revenge). I kind of like changing precise impact to something else, but I don’t think it needs another distracting move - even on Spyx only 3/4 of it’s moves distract, and it’s non-distracting move is super important for it. Don’t forget that dodge is an option for it; Dakotaraptor has sidestep, after all. Or it could get Evasive Impact instead.

Stygidaryx: I like the health and armor buffs, but the attack can probably stay at 1000 - it uses DoT for damage. Speed Decrease resistance makes a lot of sense on it too, I could even see it gaining full immunity as a fierce-resilient. I’m torn on the swap in. I think it’s probably fine without the DoT, but it also isn’t super OP with it. If it did keep the DoT, I would definitely nerf the attack though.

Majundaboa: Majundaboa is actually pretty fine in the game right now, and lots of players are beginning to discover how strong it can actually be. I would probably leave it’s stats close to what they are in the game now, and I would leave precise rampage as precise impact. Full immunity to speed decrease helps it a lot, and I think it’s fine either with or without it.

Dracoceratosaurus: You’re right, the extra health and speed help it a lot. I would even be OK with it keeping its current health of 3900 for even more speed: it is a cunning after all, and that’s probably it’s biggest advantage over Dracoceratops. The delay on CI is good for countering it, and should probably be given to Dracoceratops top. Gaining DoT and especially distraction resistance is good since it can’t cleanse right away.

Leontosaurus: I might go even more extreme with the “slower but tankier” - maybe 3500 hp and 125 or 126 speed, but it’s fine as it is. Balanced moves and resistances. Looks good!

Leontogreus: Might be a bit fast considering it’s components, but could gain some HP in exchange. I like that it’s a wild card, but very little about it checks the “resilient” box in my head. Maybe it could get precise impact instead of cunning impact? It does overlap a bit with nullifying impact though… Better yet, what if it had Crafty Strike as it’s basic attack, and Definite Impact instead of cunning impact? Normal nullifying impact is probably fine, or maybe even nullifying Rampage for a small attack nerf. Stun resistance could also work on it pretty well, might help against Rixis.

Deinocaulus: I like adding another rare hybrid. Everything about it seems to check out, though I might make it a touch slower to give some of the other glass-cannony cunnings more of a chance to damage it before it outspeeds them with Minimal Speedup Strike (also giving you more of a reason to use minimal speedup strike). I would give it more DoT resistance though, maybe even full immunity, since it lacks any “cunning” attacks to cleanse it.


ill keep all of those in mind, and the reason i made leonto a wild card is because i saw tany have nullifying impact, so i thought that was just a wild card thing?

It is, but I don’t think nullifying moves make something a wildcard by default (see Monolometerodon and Pteraquetzal).

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and also, I did have precise impact before, but the people in my friend’s discord said that it shouldn’t have a “trash” turn 3, which in my opinion isnt even that bad. i did think that debilitating impact was a bit much, but wanted to get your feedback.

For Leonto, I would go Crafty Strike for the basic attack, and Definite Impact instead of cunning impact. It has a delay, but it only has a cooldown of 1. Who says Orion is the only dino allowed to have that move?

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okay, ill add those.

also, i made stygidaryx have more attack for the people that go the lethal swoop route, cause it can be a game changer due to stygidaryx’s low attack currently. (ask minmi about it)

Yeah then you can go revenge distracting strike, Definite Impact, nullifying impact, Definite Impact, and then either distracting strike or you’re dead (most likely dead). Should solve the “bad turn 3” problem.

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oh i was talking about dakotanops, sorry. shouldve specified.

Neither swoop does any base damage though, so it only affects resilient strike. But it does help when you do choose to swoop later, so it can probably stay.

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Oh lol. For Dakotanops yeah, it just doesn’t need another distracting move. Sidestep is always nice to have. And Evasive Impact would give it a different option. It has a cooldown of 2, but you have enough strong attacks so that you should always have a strong option.

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Alrighty, heres the fix for dakotanops.

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Here is the Leontogreus change.
I nerfed the speed, and gave it normal nullifying impact for that crit boost!

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Those both look good to me!

Also, I don’t know if changing deinocaulus’ speed will change much, I find that MSS is quite useful where deinocaulus will be used. (Velociraptors) I can lower it to like 129 though

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