More Settings?

Howdy people, There is a menu you guys have probably not visited in a looong time… The settings page! As of now i can only find reason to go to said menu for changing my drone settings or to turn on low power mode which lowers fps to increase the amount of battery you can use on your device well my device is utter garbage and so the fps is horrendous so i would suggest some sort of low graphics mode where the resolution is lowered tremendously and it lowers your view to say… 200 feet from you or so.

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I think they should make an official landscape mode as the arenas can actually be zoomed out when using third party apps meaning they have the models already.


I Didn’t Know That Wow!

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Yeah I was surprised too, for example when we use sarcosuchus the tail is cropped right, but when we use a third party app we can see the whole tail