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More Sino coming our way!


At this point im considering dropping utahsino and just go all in on thor for now. This is by far the best of these events.

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Seriously I’ve not even seem any 1 Grypo this week.
Do they really exist?:thinking:

Isn’t that the weekly event spawn?


I only saw one. So trying not to get my hopes up for sino


You just read my my mind lol. Three epic gators so far and I’ve been traveling. Just got back from a 2+ hour mission through parks and stegos are all I came home with.
The alliance loves allo and i’m getting low so that’s a good thing anyway :blush:


Glad to hear it!


Yes they exist and for the first time since the new spawns I see more of an epic than baryonyx : 5 grypo and only 4 baryo :ok_hand:


This is everything I needed, thank you so much :pray:t3: L25 Thor here I come :partying_face:

I haven’t been hunting too much, but I’ve seen so far…4 grypos this week :crocodile:

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I’ve seen 5, but my daily commute is about 40 miles, plus I take my son hunting for 30 minutes after dinner. Lots of ground covered. Less than I thought, but more than I got last week! (Which was zero.)

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I’m close to a 26, our crews must be almost the same :grin:

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I’m ok with this. Thor is my dream dino right now. I must has.


I just saw your tarbo and Allo DNA, you are more than ready to fuse for Thor!

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Yup! I just need more sino dna.


Let’s be honest, we’ll see more allo and tarbo. Then 1-2 scattered sinos. Not enough for evolving my freshly created Thor one sad level. Every little helps…


We definitely have similar teams! I got my spinota a bday on tuesday, and got to start working on meggie finally. Fully depleted on kaps I started grinding for two hours and got over 450 meggie dna in one night haha, she is officially half way to L28 :heart_eyes:

I haven’t been seeing as much sinos as I used to at the beginning of this update. Usually encounter 1-4 every other day, and now it’s been since Friday :sob: My team just eats up sinos, luckily I’m saving a bit by pausing utarinex. My goal is L26 Thor then L27 Queen :smile:


Your team is awesome! I wish I had more time to put in for sure. I’m close to a 25 on my chicken and my indor is only a 26 with enough to level but holding out for tryko. Spino is a work in progress with the lack of kapro. 26 tryo will happen within the week and my rinex is a 23 with enough to level, but waiting til 1.6. Your utahsino is impressive! Thanks for sharing!

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Hopefully better spawns than gypro I got 2, some off the charts activity there!?

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Wow you are splitting your Sino DNA three ways! That seems insane to me. Your team would destroy mine but if you’d put those resources into just 2 even they would be crazy levels.


ive seen atleast 10 to 15 grypo so this should be fun.


@Kodiakhunter1 Not bad, you have an awesome team!! It was just a huge relief when I was able to save up kapros for meggie. When I see 200 a pop for spinotah, I start to think it could’ve been 4x fuses for gorgo lol. Thank you! The queen has been the hardest dino for me to level up by far :smile:

@Aaron_Norris yeah I agree it’s definitely insane. I’m so greatful to live in z1 or my team would look a LOT different. When I’m in a pvp match, and my starter four is green chicken, queen, rinex, and thor… I just call it the instant stun fun pack. Win or lose, I’m going to have a lot of fun that match :sweat_smile: