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More Sinoceratops


I just want all sinoceratops right now I’m quite close to Thor.

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Help your alliance with the exploration weekly incubator. Other than that… pray


Sino is what they give us the most already.

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Not till recently though for me. I’ve seen 3 random sino in the wild in a little over a year I live in rural area. And when it is a epic dino of the week its mixed with other epics. Which means I still have to get lucky to get him on event days. Plus I have horrible luck I got 6 10 point fuses last night. I’m afraid to fuse anymore. At this rate I need sino as the daily aswell as alliance. Or for sino to be the alliance dino for 2-3 more weeks lol. And I see alliance rush wont be on next week?

Also, Tarbo was my first dino I invested in and I also suggested it gets a hybrid long ago. So its like darn I need this! Lol. But seriously I never see sino out.


590 dna until i max my thor. After that they can keep their sino :sweat_smile:


Ahh lucky! Send me all your Sino dna now lol. Actually still wish there was a way to trade dna, but I imagine many complications from that. Here’s hoping I actually get luck. Or daily dino as sino. If alliance rush goes off.

Well whoever designed Thor, nailed what I imagined it like. They deserve a pat on the back. I’m sure others requested it too but!