More Spawns in rural areas please


Please consider making more spawns in rural areas. We had to stop playing Pokemon GO because there was NEVER spawns anywhere near us and we do not live close to town (almost an hours drive) Thankfully we do have a few but very few…can you please make them more available in rural areas too?

Thank you.

Dino spawns where you live or visit most

The same Pokémon go would have been a really good game If Niantic didn’t base it off of Urban cities and knocked off rural areas, I also live near a rural area but it’s hard to walk to some places due to there being a highway that has cars it’s dangerous I hope Ludia doesn’t follow Niantic’s mistakes and ignore it’s players. I love Jurassic world Alive but it’s pretty hard to play a AR game that bases it demographics on big cities only.


I live in the country where there is not much, basically the middle if no where.

So if i want to get a dinosaur to spawn I gave to head into town.

I think a good idea would be to have spawn increased for low pop areas or keep track of the location you live or visit most and increase the spawns for that location.