More Stygimoloch....really?

As if we don’t already get him as the epic in 99.9% of Incubators…


Yeah but you can make Tuoramoloch with it…and according to GamePress that’s a high apex Dino :rofl:


LOL! I get to fight high level Tuoramoloch all the time in AI battles, and they’re pretty easy to dispose of. The only way I’ll level mine past base level is if it gets a well-deserved buff or I’ve already leveled everything else I’m interested in.


Developers have become lazy and less inclined to make changed. Even shows in the patches. No longer a long list of balancing like we used to get in almost every patch. This is another lazy reward ontop of a terrible arena reward system. Not surprised.

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At least no pressure to get to a high trophy count. Screw this stupid reward.

But Tuora can be pretty useful now. I don’t have one, but some players are very annoying with it. The stun immunity makes more difference than it seems… But it uses the same component as my Dio, so I’m not interested x)

I live in L1 so I’m drowning in Tuojiangosaurus, but Dio uses the same epic component as my Tryko so I’m in the same predicament you are. I can’t level my Dio past base level until my Tryko hits 30.

I made the fatal mistake of levelling my Tuora when it was good, and ignored the potential of Diora.

Now that we have that absolute pain Indo gen2 everywhere, I wish I had the dna I wasted on Tuora to pump into the best counter to it - Diora


I don’t know why Tuora is so crap, mine was boosted 2/2/2 at level 24 and it lost every time to pretty much everything it faced in lower Library.

Yeah it could slow Indo and hit the odd win, but everything else including Thor just ate it up and spat out the pieces.

It doesn’t even have 1,000 base damage boosted at this level, so it couldn’t take anything out in 2 goes and everything could take it out in 2 goes. When it did win it was because the opponent forgot it had a 50% counter which was still only 490 damage.

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Tuora should beat Thor and others while running away, which is very useful. The problem is that 99% of Thors you’ll face will be higher level and more boosted… In the end, Tuora can be good but not good enough to spend tons of boosts in it, cause it will never be a “team sweeper” like others


Hey stygi is arena exclusive, I bet you’d rather have stygi than conc so don’t dis my stygi!

Was so happy to get one finally. Used it once and sent him to the bench.

Agree @Schtemty. At the time I could not get the other DNA for Diora, so went with Tuora. What a waste.

Diplovenator is a very good Dino, way more useful than Tuora to be honest


Am I the only one happy with this reward? :cry:

What makes you happy with this reward Asta?

I use Para. :slight_smile:

She’s currently lvl 26.


Fair enough :+1:

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Someone posted a list somewhere, it’s going in ascending order of arena exclusives. It is annoying, but it’ll all be worth it when Irritator and Bary G2’s time comes.

Pretty annoying creature, you once totally owned me with it, I did not expect it at all!

Nex month is Purussaurus, woop-ti-doo.

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I make the most out of her and anky, they’ve 1v1 many apex creatures and came out on top before. :laughing:Screenshot_20200102-210146

Latest anky victory


My Carnotarkus will be pleased with that, all I need is more Wuerho.