More subtle advertisements


Blasting non-VIP players with VIP ads every few drops encourages people to NOT sign up or even quit.

If you really want to suck people in give them VIP for the first month then take it away.

It feels like less of a game and more of an ad delivery platform…


Also, while spinning supply crates, one can lock themselves out from the game and are forced to restart the application altogether if you are simultaneously hit with the VIP ad and the speed notice after exiting the crate interaction. I certainly am not looking forward to that when this single month I bought runs out…

When the screen hits both of these at the same time, you literally cannot click out of them as the overlays block each other. Restarting the game is the only option.


There are absolutely minimal ads in this FREE game. The VIP comes up every 10 spins and takes less than a second to X out of.

What is going on with people today?