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More supply drops please?

It’s a bit upsetting how there used to be 5 supply drops I had access to. But now I only have one and it doesn’t seem to be giving much of the items I need for my tenontosaurus sanctuary…


I have had the same issue for quite some time. I used to have 2 supply drops within the vicinity of my apartment. Now it is one one that does not give much except 2 interact tokens. I have complained about this and of course it got tossed to the way side

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Ludia actually turned my house into a supply drop…lol

Your dream is pointless, ludia will never break by you. They are scammers I say!

Totally agree. Even with VIP access. Give me my Dino’s back as well!

Same. Ever since they did that stupid geo map update nonsense. I’ve had a support ticket going nowhere for like 3 weeks now.