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More T-Rex Spawns pls


You Guy’s at Ludia did a great Job with the Patch
but i’m still feel like that certain Epic Dinosaus like T-Rex is not spawn so much.

I can remember that you Guys wrote many weeks ago that you changed the spawn rates of all Dinos.
For me it seems not so. It’s like you hold back the certain Dino’s so that we need to buy incubators in hope to get certain DNA like T-Rex to get Indominus Rex.


Agreed. It does feel like that lol and its random… some days I go out to hunt and encounter many different dinos… other days its like a desert and there’s not a single being out there lol


bring in rexy all over t rex events 2


Yes I agree also! I hardly ever see a spawn!! Honestly we do need more! Help please!! We need more spawns! Thank Ludia we are waiting!!!


I see T-Rex everyday at least once . But I do agree because of the DNA catch rate is Teri me 50 DNA average! How’s your count on average? I’m level 13 now I think :+1:



I’m level 10 and when I do see a T-Rex which is rarely ever I hit about 50-55 DNA.


Sounds right to me ! I think everyone’s hitting the same range of DNA for T-Rex✅


My Rex is level 15 and my Raptor is 17. I play pretty frequently throughout the day but I admit I don’t go out just to hunt like i used to do for PoGo even though I enjoy this game more. I see people with these Indom’s and all these crazy high level uniques and hybrids and I’m just like “How?” How the hell do you have that much epic DNA and able to pour it continuously in these super-dinos.

This is my team. I don’t think it’s that bad…


@dinolord im at lvl 17 (i leveled too many dinos in the beginning :joy:) and i get between 80-110 DNA on each t-rex, but it’s the most difficult to dart so far imo lol


I’m Level 10 and I unlocked the T-Rex at lvl 14. But I could level the T-Tex to level 15. And that was a pain in the… Because the spawn rates was like 1% or near 0.

And now I don’t see any T-Rex in my area anymore and I live in a big city. So it is impossible for me to get the Indominus Rex or I buy the DNA but I don’t want it because it is to expensive.


Come to my city. Most days I find 4 or 5 of them.


Every time a T Rex appears nearby and I walk towards it so I can reach it, it ALWAYS disappears when it comes in the 150 meter area it is so freaking annoying!! Does this happens to anyone else??


I received a good 70 T-rex DNA as reward of the Blue strike event! :star_struck:

All we need to do is to keep a look around on Ludia’s event and complete also the quest we don’t need in order to have more and more great prize.