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More T-Rex?

Hey so I’ve been seeing people who are getting 80, 90 and even a 100 T-Rex DNA per day for the daily missions. I’m only at 75, but I complete the challenges daily. Just wondering what I’m not doing that’s taking me this long to increase my rewards faster?

All you need to do is complete the daily missions repeatedly i think without missing a day. Took me about 5 days to go from 70-75. I’ve just reached 75 so today’s completion will be the first day, I guess it will be about a week before I go to 80.

No but that’s the thing, I’ve been completing them every day (started at 70 and got to 75 within a few days). But I saw another post on here about someone that made it to a 100 and a friend of mine said hers STARTED at 80. So I’m a little confused at the discrepancy because I assumed it would start at the same level for everyone. And for the record, I’m a higher player level than my friend so I don’t think that’s a factor.

It looks like it’s level dependent. Lower levels start at lower amount of DNA, so it will take you longer to reach higher counts of DNA. Only people who were level 20 at the start od T-rex rewards and didn’t miss a day are at 100 daily DNA or above. I’m personally 95, so the next increase should grant me the coveted 100s.

Yes but like I said, my friend is at level 14 and I’m at 17. Still I started at 70 and she at 80. We were trying to figure it out earlier but we’re totally stumped.

Perhaps she had a higher count of Alanqa DNA than you and that influenced the amount of T-rex DNA you started off? IDK.

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It didn’t start at a specific number for TRex, it continued where Alanqa left off. If your friend has done more consistent daily completions throughout Alanqa then I suspect that is why they are further ahead. But I don’t know, maybe you do them daily without fail since daily missions were introduced?

Ahhhh okay thank you! Yeah I missed a significant number of the Alanqua ones because opening a ridiculous number of incubators/battles every day wasn’t doable for me, so that makes perfect sense!

In case you aren’t aware, the friendly battles also count towards battles and so do strike towers. So if you can squeeze of some friendly battles that makes those much easier.