More team spots


The problem with 8 spots for your team is you don’t know what dinosaurs to swap out for new dinosaurs. There are too many epics out right now and you have to decide which ones to have on your team. I think 20 spots for your team is a good idea.


I don’t think you fully understand the impact of your request. You will hurt yourself more with 20 spots in your team than you think. No one has the coin resource to evolve 20 dinos! So what usually happens is you have enough coind to evolve up to 8 dinos to a decent to high level for battles…and the other 12 dinos on your 20 spot team are all very low level…the chance of the game choosing 4 dinos from those 12 low level dinos is very high which would be a garanteed loss in battle…especially against pay to win players who have the coin resource to level up 20 dinos or more.


For beginning players it might be tougher but I put this out there because I have a ton of epics that I do nothing with. I think it would be a different experience in battles.


Terrible idea. Sorry, but it’s hard enough having to decide on 8 and being RNGd 4… now if you could choose your 4 like you can in “battle barrels” (my pet name for strike events) then you’re talkin’


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