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More Teeth & Club Tails 9/8

Today there are 3 events and the tournament…

  • More teeth: 5 battles, only carnivores
  • Club tails: 5 battles, only herbivores
  • Test your strenght (as usual)

For MT and CT we get a Legendary pack, as usual…but I have a problem…I went in to do the first battle, but can you tell me how to do this

Or this

I repeat
5 BATTLES, 5 with opponents, that are stronger than mine at the first battle…how should I complete all events? I really want those two legendary packs , but 5 battles where I have to use my strongest carnivores and herbivors + the Tournament where I really want to finish in Dominator + Test your strenght…it’s to much , Ludia!
Well, I’ll have to skip these 2 events, but it will hurt to miss two legendary packs

If you have completed the 2 events, please tell my what kind of battle are 2nd and 3rd, because yesterday at the Hybrid Showdown we also had to do 5 battles, but 2nd and 3rd were “Test your strenght” style…

You would put something like the Tany in first to be a meat shield (that’s more than you need, but high health, low attack that can take at least one hit from the opponent is all you need) and build up to 4 points reserve, rest of the battle is straightforward from there, these opponents are not strong enough to pose any problem for this battle at least once your stronger stuff has cooled down. But yes, these 5-round battles are tough if you are a newer player without a really deep bench and if you are wanting to continue to compete in the tournament, and there’s even a chance to get Dominator, the choice is a no-brainer. What the rest of us have been doing is building up enough of a point lead in the tournament so that we can still do these events without it dropping us out of Dominator, but that takes time to get the numbers you need to do that.

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Even with a deeper and more balanced squad those two PvE’s have to be skipped by default.

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Balance, balance, balence…
My probleml is that there are 5 hard battles instead of 3 :wink:


If you really want to unlock Umoon, then it’s really best to skip these, or maybe do just one. Golden Packs will always be there.


That’s what I wanted to do, but the problem is , when I win I still have to do 4 more battles, that won’t be more easy…I need my Tany for the Tournament, because I lost a lot of ranks and now I’m 74th…I would like to try it, but Umoon is more important!
But otherwise thanks for the tipps :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:

Yeah right! I’ll skip them and concentrate on the tournament

Not sure why these would “have to be missed by default”. I have no intention to skip them, I already completed the carnivore one (was able to finish it without having to use ALL my tournament ones, although I did get one loss from trying to stretch out my lower level stuff a bit too much), working on the herbivore one now. I agree it’s not very nice giving us these in the middle of the tournament, but that’s why I put more time the last two days into getting a nice score runup, so I would have more ability to choose what I wanted to do. If I wasn’t a VIP though I’d probably skip them… but the points alone make them worth the effort for me, especially with the Dominator wheel giving out a fair amount of coins, food and low DNA prizes these days, for 5 DB a pop, these only costing coins instead.

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I always play like this
1st creature mustn’t be dead with 2 hits from the opponent, 2nd creature with high attack, 3rd creature one of my best guys

1st round 1 reserve
2nd round 1 reserve 2 block
3rd round 4 reserve
4th round 1st creature might be dearh, but 8 points with the second, so kill 1st opponent
5th round 2nd opponent kills 2nd creature
6th round strongest creature kills 2nd opponent, goes for some block and reserve
7th round killing last opponents and win

This works almost in all PvE’s…but PvP is something different

This is balance? I don’t know if I can finish either, not even considering the tournament. I had to use my best three carnivores to beat the first carnivore round, same with the herbivores. When the very first round has three creatures better than my best dino (my highest are level 10 VIPS), that doesn’t seem balanced at all…

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Hhm, guess I’ve been luckier than some others, as mine were not even close to my best, in either event. Even the last battle round didn’t match my best dinos. I wonder why the difference?

@anon90631418 - you may want to learn how to do PvEs with the 1st creature only needing to take one hit, as it can really help reduce the need to use your better dinos. You’ll want to make sure that the AI can’t swap in something that will be a problem, but in an event like this where the dinos are all similar stats, when you put in something that can only take one hit, it’s actually usually pretty easy to get to your reserve max as the AI tends to not be as conservative, thinking it has an easy path to KO you so doesn’t tend to reserve as much.

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I found the herbivore battle fairly easy and only had to touch on the bottom of my tournament lineup. Make sure that your lead off can take a couple of hits and the attackers can kill in no more than four hits.

The carnivore battle on the other hand, was very tough. I had to use my 15 best carnivores to get wins. I tried lower teams and could not get the breaks I needed.

The lead off creature must be able to withstand being two-hit, because I had multiple runs where the AI reserved and then attacked with four hits.

You second creature needs to be able to kill in no more than four attacks, three would be easier.

For your third creature, if you can afford it, use one similar to the second. Otherwise, you can try a throwaway and swap to it when you need to reserve. It might work, but I didn’t try it.

If you are at all concerned about your tournament finish, I would skip the carnivore battle.

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Same here. Even then, battle has to go according to plan for me to win. This is 2nd round, pretty much identical

to first. But I had used up my indoraptors last night for unnecessary tourney fights. Bummer. Some will finish cool down tonight, so we’ll see. Herbivores one was easy for me, much like what Mary_Jo got for her carnivores.


Ok, I’lltry it :slight_smile:

I tried a couple of times on round 1 to use a lead off that could only withstand 1 hit. The AI felt insulted and let me know

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In what way? I did this through the entire event (well until I got further into club tails where I have so many high health, low attack herbivores it didn’t make any sense) and it’s rare that the AI doesn’t attack enough that I can get to 4 points. You generally are just going to put all your points into the block each round and the AI will almost always hit enough that you can continue to do that until you get to 4. That’s certainly been my experience. The closer to the 1-hit your dino is so that 1-hit leaves you with almost nothing, the more likely the AI is to try and attack to finish you off, making it really easy to get to 4.

Yep, here’s mine (second rounds):

The cooldowns are what it took for me to beat the first rounds… I had some trouble with the carnivores. I’ll wait for my Tany’s to cool down, but this is just insane. This is only round 2, and it’s worse than the first. I’ve got nothing higher than those level 10 VIPs either, so this isn’t solely a too strong roster issue.

Here is my first round of the carnivores only event not sure what y’alls first round was but these are strong for the first round I assume they only get stronger in the other rounds

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Mine stayed about the same.

Mine got stronger