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More Than 1 Profile In Same Device


Hi, I wonder if it’s possible 2 people share same device using different profiles.

I use Samsung Galaxy S7 (updated, Android Oreo), and have my Google Play profile.
My son likes to play, but he have to play my profile, and my current level is too hard for him.

It would be nice if he could create and select his own profile when playing with my device.

Is it possible? I know sometimes game asks for my account when opening (I don’t know why), but I would like to manually select if possible.


If you let him create his own google play account, then yes, he can log in and play on the same device as you (Just not at the same time of course :D).

Under settings, just choose to log out and then select his google play account when you go to log back in…

As for having 2 profiles under the same google play account… I do not believe that is possible.

Hope that helps.

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I made a new Google play account on my phone for my little brother, so yes it’s possible to have more than 1 account on the same device.

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Ow, thanx you all for quick answers. :smiley:

I was afraid to loose my game stats if set another (game access it from Google, right?).

Just another question: It exists the “Visitor” account (I don’t know the exact english word used for you). When I installed game 6 months ago I tested it selecting this and then used Google account.

Is it possible to my son use Visitor (i think locally only data) instead of creating Google account for him? I think google account is for 13+ ages, he has 8.


Game saves are server side… so you could install the game on another phone, log into your google play account and still have all your progress there.

I am unsure how the “Visitor/Guest” account works… I have never tried it. Maybe someone else can answer that one.

Without condoning lying, you could always make a “mistake” on his google play account by accidentally putting in the wrong year of birth making him 13… since of course he will have your device, you should be able to monitor what he is doing and downloading… If he was using his own phone, then I could see why you may not want to do that…

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Nice tip. Maybe in future he can use this account, changing to correct age… LOL.

Thanx. :slight_smile:


It doesn’t matter to me if kids play because I think if I was still a kid I would enjoy this kind of game.

Most people don’t read TOS or rules and just jump right in. In the Fair Play rules a player must be 16 or older to play and if they are not a legal adult yet, they must play on a parents account.

I imagine this is because the game has elements that could be considered “a game of chance” or “gambling” which in many regions is not legal for minors to play.

Set an account up and let them play but it might be best not to admit you are setting up an account for a minor to play. Play on…