More than a turn each?

Hello all!

Just a quick one. I’ve just been having a battle and a player got 2 goes straight after each other? There wasn’t any swapping of dinosaurs no one died. I was 1 hit away from winning a 2-2 game and my opponent got 2 goes? Anyone know why?



Were you stunned?

Counter attack followed by their main attack?

What creature had two turns, a number of creatures have priority moves which would ensure it goes first?

Did you try to use evasive or cloak when your opponent try to stun or instant charge you? if yes, then the answer is yes, your opponent will get a ‘pseudo’ 2x moves. Because that ‘evasive/cloak’ button that you press itself is already considered as 1x move done by you.
…you need to further elaborate what actually happen then only we can help

wouldn’t you be?

this is clearly hacking.

Roger that, Ghost Rider. Illuminati confirmed, over.

Happens a lot with Tragodistis getting three turns in a row.
Tragodistis is slowed and hits opponent with rampage. Slow wears off and Tragodistis gets first hit and uses stun. So Tragodistis gets another turn very annoying being on the wrong end of this.
Sometimes people swap during this phase giving it yet another turn!