More Than One Account [multi-accounting]

@Ludia. Please can you show me where in your Terms of Service that a user shouldn’t have more than one account. I’ve looked all through the ToS and Fair Play policies as well but don’t see anything which strictly prohibits this kind of usage.

Can you just clarify that if someone has a second account (and it’s used as a ‘mule’ account to gather DNA) is this considered cheating and therefore a breach of the Fair Play policy. I’m naming no names but I just want this matter made clear for a discussion I’ve been having.

Many thanks.


I looked through and could not find anything as well. Niantic had a specific provision for one account per device, iirc, but ludia chose to omit that, so I would say it’s okay with them. I bet it’s a not insignificant of their player growth since 1.5 dropped, actually.

The extra accounts created look good on paper with the numbers.

I always look at it this way. Every one is playing the same game. We can all have multiple accounts. We all get the same nerfs. We all get the same buffs. We can all have the same dino’s we hate going against.

Big deal if someone creates a mule account so they can dart the same dino’s on both accounts and give it to the other. That is very time consuming, by the way. AND you can’t trade much in one request.

I seriously play a second account I accidentally created back in June when angry at this very, very poorly performing app. I started playing my second account seriously in the beginning of October. I’m level 9 with a lvl 17 I-rex and on the way to a Utasino.

I don’t pvp much. I don’t trade much because both accounts need the same dna although my second account is growing with different dino’s than my first because the resource components I have access to are different.

My purpose and fun of playing is to beat strike towers. I don’t give a :poop: about trophies and arena levels. My second account is still in #2 arena and I play level 6 and lower dino’s when I do pvp on that one. It fun playing the different dino’s.

Anyway. Nothing wrong with more than one account.


Of is not forbidden it’s allowed. :slight_smile:

Hmm. Im curious of this too. Also how would you determine more than 1 account per user, vs family members sharing a tablet for example?

I know when I was banned I wanted to make another account and I believe a mod on here said if I did that both of my accounts would be deleted… not worth the risk for me

I do not have an issue with folks having multiple accounts, I do not see it affecting my game at all.

What would be the advantages? Gather twice the more desirable DNA to transfer to one account? Ok, so they progress a bit faster than they could have. We can trade with 49 other players now, isn’t that basically the same?

I do not see it giving them an advantage in Arena. Sure, they might have bigger, stronger Dino’s faster, but many folks do already. Many are at level 30. They will still move up and be paired with similar trophy players. Even if they have some hard to get unique, they will eventually hit their threshold of trophies and meet players who thrash them back down. Even if they are able to get more DNA, multiple accounts will not make them better players or give them more skill.

Unless they have multiple devices, they would have to log off then back on every time they go to dart a Dino. Then log off and back on to their other account(s). Sounds more like a pain than fun to me.

I think it would be more like a family unit than anything. They would all capture the same Dino’s (if they played as a unit) and be able to trade with themselves. Only one of the players in that unit would reap all the benefits if they gave them all the ‘good’ DNA. Everyone else would just suffer by not leveling.

There is only one aspect I can see that would affect folks. That is placing in Tournament. But they still have no more advantage than anyone else in a generous Alliance with hard core players who target specific DNA and are willing to max out requests.

If it is not listed in the TOS as improper play, I see nothing wrong with it. If they update TOS to reflect otherwise, I will change my view.

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Yeah but the mod specifically mentioned creating another account as a way of getting around a ban if I remember correctly.

Yes! I’d like to know if this is allowed or not too…

I haven’t because I’ve assumed there will be a crack down on anyone doing it at some stage and there’s no way I want my account closing after 5 1/2 months of playing-by-the-rules grinding!!

But if it is ok and this is made clear then we should be told, so if we want to we can go ahead without worries.

My main thing is the weekly events… 6 epics becomes 12, 18, 24 with multiple mule accounts… and that’s a huuuuuge difference in DNA

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I don’t even know how to enforce this. Ppl who play multiple accounts will always have multiple devices and emails. How does Ludia going to track it? And even in the very unlikely chance that Ludia caught someone, one can always claimed it’s their kids or spouse’s accounts and he or she is just playing for them.

Yes these are all valid uses for having more than one account, however such things can easily be open for abuse… say a spoofer sets up 49 spoof accounts which then all feed into 1 account through an alliance and cheat their way up on what might seem like a legit account.

I’m not against it in general for legit reasons. I’m just asking the @Developers @Mods at @Ludia for confirmation that this is acceptable play and won’t result in a ban. If I don’t hear anything I guess I will just assume that it’s fine and doesn’t contravene their fair play policies/ToS.

I’m pretty sure they will not ban multiple accounts in the same device, unless flagged for cheating. The reason for my rational is that many device have multiple accounts, especially after tge glitch a couple months ago were you could “win” trophies with another low level accounting trophies on your main account. People created 2nd accounts out of curiosity to try this. So if they ban all of them, the game will lose even more players than that they are already are losing. Whem they have to show those metrics to their boss…someone is not going to have a happy New Year.