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More than one leader board


It’s just top 500 I’m looking at these guys and like we can’t pass them if they keep gaining. Maybe a trophy reset? Or more local tournaments.


Problem with a trophies reset is that if they have to start from 0 again, just imagine all the players they will be smashing during their inevitable climb back to the top! All it will do is make more ppl suffer at the hands of their super Dinos!


:joy::joy: yea I guess your right. Maybe they can reset just the people in top 500 to 4,000? That could work. I mean look at the dude who is 1st place he’s got like 16,000 trophies.


This already happened at the start of the tournament?


Does something look wrong with the leaderboard?


Not really sure I’d say anything was wrong with it. Its likely (not guaranteed) that the top spots are an indication of how much money some of the whales have dropped on the game. Not dissing them in any way, each of us is free to choose how/where we spend our money. Flip side is those people spending on the game like that help to keep the game going, keep it free to play without ads everywhere, and an incentive for Ludia to keep working on new content/bug fixes.