More thoughts on spinotasuchus

Here’s what I got:

L19 gorgosuchus
L21 Megalosuchus

Spinotaraptor 360
Spinosaurus 6190
Utahraptor 5770
Megalosaurus 2400
Gorgosaurus 4560
Kaprosuchus 1100

200 kapro to create spinotasuchus and 50 to create gorgosuchus. I have a very slim chance of having enough to create spino and then will be stuck at L16 for awhile. Seems a shame to have so much spino and utah and wondered your thoughts, thanks!


I have my gorgo at 21, and i am now considering the same thing.
With the SS change, even at 16 spino will be able to do a lot of damage with his bleed.
But i will probably just carry on levelling my gorgo. I like him too much :joy:
If i want a bleeder I will probably use suchotator because he has more utility.

I also considered leveling up spinotahraptor

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I really like my gorgo too, I benched him for awhile when I got new legendaries, but he’s back lol!

my gorgo is level 24. and you need 2500 to get it to 25 :sob: im only like 1/2 way there. that alone is probably why i’ll stop at 25 and then start leveling up spinotasuchus. for me, spinotasuchus is probably fine at 22-23 so once it gets there maybe the DNA will go back to gorgo.

but’s it’s nice to get 5 gorgo fuses from darting one kapro, as opposed to only 1 spinotasuchus fuse :unamused:


So many dinos and shared DNA doesn’t make a lot of sense. I suppose it forces a larger mix depending on choice though. Great example of the ripple effect. I have an 18 suchotator that could easily be leveled higher with 64000 irr 2 dna.

I love both!
I run into an average of 1-2 Kapro per night.
And see 1-2 Gorgo and spino on my way into town.
Utahraptors are everywhere luckily so splitting that with utahsino isn’t too big of a deal.

they’re both really useful in their own way for me to give up on either one :heart_eyes:

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If and when an end ever comes to this game I would like to say I’ve created them all. I live very rural and have been getting lucky at night and early morning getting at least one kapro with common scents. Not to be confused with common sense lol. I think I’m going to start fusing the legendary. Hopefully I get more than 10 per :smile:

Update: 30 10 50 10 40, 60 more needed. I got closer than I thought I would!

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i’ve got like 2k spinotaraptor from 2 events i think and it spawns a lot. 22k utahraptor and 5k spinosaurus. spinotasuchus will be a beast when i get enough kapro… which will be a while

That’s a lot of utah! Someone said in another thread their Utah was a level 26. That would be team worthy?

it has spawned like crazy for me since the game came out. mine is lvl 21. not sure how much higher 22k would get it. a couple levels i assume, … but the coins :sob:

i saw the 26. im sure its good in certain situations.

I think its a two fold reason…

  1. An attempt to push some change into the game by trying promoting trying to level one over the other when there’s multiple options…encourage people to go alternate paths so its somehow not the same thing always in the arenas (though we know how that works out). Though sometimes that could also be a difference in what your team needs. Like Allosinosaurus and Utasinoraptor…which hybrid fills a better role on your team if you can create both…a tank buster, or quick hitter. And…

  2. Sometimes one doesn’t always find enough of what needs to make both hybrids with any sort of ease, so it still gives it a potential path to level. Ie, I really have to go out of my way to find any Suchomimus, and even then rarely am able to collect more than a few hundred at a time (all the zone 4’s around me are in really really crappy places to hunt), but I have enough Diplocaulus and Irritator gen 2 to get Diplotator up to 19 or 20 by this point…at the least ><


The price for leveling up legendary and epic are not a big difference at high levels actually. Given 20 DNA per fusion, you need 7500 kapro DNA to level gorgo from 25 to 26 (3000 gorgo and 150 fuses), and 10000 DNA for spinotasuchus (1000 spino and 50 fuses).

I’m currently holding my kapro DNA in the bag to see what the next update will do, but I’m still leaning towards use gorgo as tank buster and suchotator as bleeder due to availability issues. :smile:

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The levels of DNA needed gets insane for sure not to mention the coins needed. I have a little fuser remorse if that is a thing. Maybe I should have saved my kapro…hmmm

I’m doing the same right now, but with pretty much all my DNA atm. It feels like a decent sized/big update is on the way with the upcoming change to SS, and don’t want anymore fuser’s remorse than I have to have :laughing:

I think the biggest problem holding back people from leveling up and making decisions is constant updates and changes, nobody likes their dinos being nerfed due to an update.

Is there solid info regarding a change to ss?

No, it’s just a text change in game, but ludia have done that with bleeding skills so people are afraid.

I do a lot of reading and notice a lot of people saying to buff this and nerf that, but at the end of the day each dino has strengths and weaknesses. The only thing that would seem right would be legendaries should out perform their predecessor at matching levels? Just my thought on it.

So far the change to SS is just on paper, but precedent at the moment favors it being accurate. The changes to DoT’s text-wise were in the game several weeks before they were actually implemented leading a lot of people to believe that the text had been changed inaccurately. There were several forum posts about it at the time. Barring some other change, or official post about it not changing/changing in other ways, I’d say it be better to assume that SS is changing as the new text implies. Just a question of when.