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More Unique Dinos With Unique Movesets: Bleeder Edition

I like balanced teams. I tend to have a bleeder no matter what. But they are useless rn. Let’s change the unique ones.

Superior Long Decelerating Strike
Lethal Swoop
Shattering Distraction(Impact)
Long Protection
*Keeps SII and no escape
*Added Immune To Swap Prevention

Mostly needs to survive long enough to use lethal swoop and get out. However, if it can’t bleed out its opponents, it can still get some good hits in.

Long Evasive Pinning Strike (Lasts Until Turn 2)
Distracting Impact
Defense Shattering Nullification (Impact)
*Keeps SIW And Immunity

Felt like it needed a little something after it lost evasive stance. Also, where is the defense shattering? Same with stigidaryx.

Definite Speedup Strike
Wounding Impact
Debilitating Distraction
Precise Rampage
*Keeps immune to deceleration
*Health Increased to 3150

Where did its definite abilities go? And against immune creatures, I felt it didn’t have enough damage. So ta-da!

Venomous Strike (See venomous counter)
Precise Shattering Rampage (Don’t know… just felt it needed it. Don’t know why.)
Nullifying Wound (Combination OF Nullifying Impact And Exploit Wound)
Minimal Speedup Evasive Stance (Basically Evasive Stance And Sidestep, but not broken.)
*Keeps Wounding Counter
*On Escape Evasive Rampage (Come on. It so obviously needs this)
*Damage Increased to 1300

Felt this one relies way too much on sidestep and letting the wounding counter do the work. It’s basically the bleeding version of draco. I gave it the ability to hold its own, even against an immune creature, and perform better against chompers.

What do you think of these bleeder changes? Let me know in the comments!

Stygidaryx SS can also split into “Decelerating Strike” and “Immune To Distraction”, since there’s only one attack move.

Vexus with Lethal Swoop would be great. For constrictor Lockdown on Venomous Strike should go, replace it with nullify or something. It’s quite pointless to have a OER when your basic attack pins your opponent. Spyx deserves a little higher HP, to prevent it from getting one shot by Erlidoms. I would say 3250(that’s still kinda less comparing Spinonyx’s 4350 health and Erliko Gen 2’s 3150 health, which will give us a average of 3750 HP(4350+3150 divided by 2)

like it though Immunity to swap prevention must not be added.

I like trolling Unique crocodile and avoiding being hit by counter attack.

the rest of the moveset is good.

Daryx maybe swap in Invinc+bleed