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More Uniques in Future Updates

In update 1.9 and 1.11, Ludia was reserved in the inclusion of new uniques. Normally there would be two instead of one. Going forward, wouldn’t it be beneficial to include more uniques in an update, like maybe three or four? This would provide more diverse options for endgame teams and in process, give purpose to the many legendary creatures without super-hybrids. Just throwing in my two cents :+1:


Thank you. I completely agree. There are so many dinos that could get good unique superhybrids it’s insane! I’m starving for those uniques too :star_struck:


Alankylo needs a unique. It’s been sitting there yelling Qua-qua all day!


Yeah! Alankylosaurus get a hybrid and prove your alanqa mother she’s useful!


Yes please. I say less legendaries and rares and more uniques. We have so many hybrid-less legendaries right now, and it seems to be like there are way too many rares.

Dsungaia unique please :crossed_fingers:


Oof that be so :muscle: strong I like now only if I had bird dna

Hehe I’ve been stocking. Have 20k now, which according to my calculations is enough for a unique, as long as I get average fuses.,

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We still need a ceratopsian unique, a mimus one, a raptor-style one (not Indo), a stego, ankylo, terror birb, turtle, boar, lion, and now mammo and deer… C’mon Ludia, put that creativity to work! x)

Just don’t make them crappy like the rhino


Lion=nemys, so that’s covered

lol I think rhino might get a buff so let’s not role judgements yet