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More unlock events for tournament creatures

Do you think there should be more unlock events for tournament creatures than just clash of titans?

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Maybe in battle stages, as new tournaments ones are still added to the game, but I personaly think Tournaments and cot are enough

I think so too. Of course it takes a long time to unlock clash of titans but it is ok if it would be the only one

Pretty cool idea

Maybe adding gen 2 tournaments to gen 2 fury

Not really, between tournaments and CoT you get a chance at lots of unlocks especially in the last year when tournaments have been routine.

For example in the last 12months as a non VIP player I’ve unlocked every tournament jurassic except 2, Eryops and Einiosaurus. It might actually be 3, because I think I had Seco unlocked already when I picked the game back up in Feb last year but that was it.

You don’t want it to be too easy. JMO


I just check my legendary dna cost list which i created, bec i cant see DNA prices in game as many of tournament creatures arent hatched yet. I play from 2nd November 2019 (VIP) And I have just 3 tournament creatures locked (Eino, Eryops and Arctodus) I feel sad for that Arctodus, bec is my fav. ceno and I still need 2 more cards of him for level 40

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And propably I must wait for Arctodus tournament more, than in CoT, bec he was rare earlier and most senior players have him, so no much players needs vote him in CoT.

Not really.

The raffles are good at getting copies of locked tournament dinos.

Players fail to realize that the exclusivity of some dinos are supposed to be a hook to either get you to buy packs or wait until they roll around.

Im fine with waiting. Its more exciting when the unlocks happen over owning everything asap.


As an early game player, I strongly agree with adding frequent, easy unlocks for low leveled players like me…

Also, what does 10 characters mean?

@OstaposaurusBae i second this strongly. i think by making it less frequent just makes getting tournament creatures a lot more valuable. of course however, this would be a bit annoying for early game players such as myself. i just feel that if they gave it too easily, players can lose interest from the game much quicker.

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10 characters is because you need to have 10 characters in your post.
As for needing more unlock for tournament creatures they come very frequently. Every March we have a full month of tournaments with a tournament hybrid at the end. CoT and tournaments are enough unlock opportunities. Low level players get there eventually

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I am also ok wit wait…

What sense would a game make where you get everything right away? Like most Android games, this game is based mainly on waiting, or patience. But it has one advantage over other games. It really rewards you by the fact that you can actually get most of the creatures, without an expensive package, and if you’re a VIP, you don’t need anything else


And that’s exactly why I feel it’s ok for some dinos to be harder to obtain.

There should be tournament dinos that are easily accessible for players so they can begin getting lineups stronger than Base game Legendary dinos. Just like how some hybrids are easier to obtain than others. Thus some Tourney dinos (esp the non-hybrid resulting dinos) should be easier to obtain. This also applies to newly released Tourney dinos, which incentivizes players to get to dom league OR buy a card pack of that dino, else risk having it locked away until a future event or tournament.

I believe that’s why Ludia put a halt on some dinos being unlockable like Pyroraptor, because it can create instances where players are getting to higher levels without having the roster to back them up at said level.

Same goes for Tourney dinos where an unbalanced roster can be caused by a player fusing a Tourney Hybrid without having the roster to back it up.

Getting Dinos to level 40 is do-able, but unlocking is a different goal in of itself. Players just have to understand that.

I had countless dinos locked away and either didn’t own a copy, or just a few that I got from the raffle. I now have 3 dinos left to own, of which are all newer released dinos because I could’t make the tournaments due to IRL reasons.