More.. variety


It would be awesome if there was more . Challenges, rewards, more variety.

Like for instance, “Get a GREAT or an EXCELLENT in DNA darts…” . Somethin like that.

Or more variety in incubators.
I wanna know how they decide which to give you. I get 3hr all the time. But then suddenly an 8 even after losing a few first.
Then I start winning again and get a 15min??
What is the algorithm for this??
If i have a 5 win streak or a single win, it’s the same…


If I recall correctly, the algorithm goes something like:

15m, 3hr, 3hr, 3hr, 8hr, 3hr, 3hr, 3hr,15m, 3hr, 3hr, 3hr, 8hr, 3hr, 3hr, 3hr, 15m, 3hr, 3hr, 3hr, either 12hr or 24hr, 3hr, 3hr, 3hr, 15m.

It has no bearing on your performance.

Someone who remembers the pattern better please correct me.


Actually, if you got outstanding score, you’ll see a coin bonus out there.

But…yeah, this is just a glitch. You won’t got any extra coin.
If one day Ludia decided to give coin bonus for DNA score, I don’t think only +20 coins for outstanding is appropriate. It’s very hard to get that score.:roll_eyes:


Holy. This VIP bonus is so ridiculous. :confused:


Yeah that’s pretty ridiculous… haha

Also, the algorithm sucks haha