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More VIP perks

I think there is seriously a lack of perks for VIP members. Besides the 50 extra metres range, slightly longer darting time, and extra supply drop stuff, there really isn’t any other thing. Ludia is getting our money for nothing (cue Dire Straits).

Here are what I think VIPs should also be getting on top of what we currently have.

My Christmas wish list.

  1. No 10 DNA fuses ever! Minimum of 20 DNA fuses.
  2. Extra food/play/interaction items for use in sanctuary. Maybe 15 food and 15 play. 12 interaction.
  3. Extra DNA earned when using food/play/interaction on the dinos in the sanctuary. The current amount of DNA especially from Epics is really low.
  4. Once a month give us a free incubator of legendary/epic/rare/commons. This would consist of 4000 common DNA. 2000 rare DNA. 1000 epic DNA. And 300 legendary DNA.
  5. 200 darts for VIPs. We really need more darts when using scents. And why 140? Such a weird number. So give non-VIPs 150 darts.

Anything else you guys think VIPs should get?


Not a chance they will make minimum 20 / fuse.

That would be broken.

I would like to see the possibility to having 2 canisters running at the same time.
That would be balanced and well worth the Vip. Double coins, double boosts etc.
And while running 8 HRs, you could run 2 x 3 hours+

Otherwise I think the Vip is okay, not great, not bad, okay,


Minimum 20 fuses is a bit much
Extra sanctuary items would be very useful along with maybe extra experience per item rather than extra DNA
That incubator would be WAY too OP. Maybe 2000 Common, 1000 Rare, 500 Epic and 50 Legendary
I think the darting cap just needs to be improved in general

I would like to see VIPs get the ability to “sponsor” a sanctuary. By doing this, they could boost the DNA received and experience gained in a sanctuary for say 12 hours, allowing them to help themselves and their alliance members


VIP totally needs more rewards. So many other games out there give so much more for subscribers.

Two incubators at the same time would be nice.
100 boosts of each per month.
One Epic incubator per month.
One epic scent per month.
More coins.

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I love the idea of the extra sanc items! I got spoiled by those last week. I agree that a legendary inc would be too much, but I think an epic inc a month isn’t completely unreasonable. I would also like more spots in my backpack. So maybe I can hold 5 scents instead of just 2 and that would allow me to not have to burn them before doing a tower.


I would certainly consider vip for a monthly epic inc

Have to agree. I tried the weeks trial and liked the perks, but it did lack something and felt it didn’t warrant the price.

When the game was first released what VIP offered was fair enough, but with all the additional features now in the game it needs to be more

Would be great to have more inventory space and better scent capsules too.

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Maybe a higher chance to get rarer creatures while using a scent?

Agree; need more perks but what OP is asking for is too much. Extra sanc DNA and better odds out in the field sound nice tho! Or whatever happen to that “Epic alert” thing that was supposed to happen per Metahub circa 1.5ish?

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Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone! :slight_smile:


I would love more attempts at Weekly Dinosaurs, Maybe and extra 20 for common, extra 15 for rares and extra 5 for Epics? I dunno really.

VIP shouldn’t get too much of an advantage. It’s enough p2w as it is right now. If anything, VIP should just be cheaper so you could just see it as a subscription. I like the extra darts though.


For 120 bucks a year you’re absolutely right.

VIP should get:

  1. 150 dart limit.
  2. 5 more attempts on common weekly.
  3. 4 more on rares.
  4. 3 on epics.
  5. 2 on legendaries.
  6. 1 on unique.
  7. Have 3 scents instead of 2.
    It’s not giving too much away, keeping it fair. It’s enough to help retain members after the boost reset & recruit new VIP.

VIP definitely needs more. You want more users on vip? Make your subscription a little more interesting for everyone. I’m still vip but sometimes it’s just like ehh. Its 10$ a month but that’s 120$ a year to keep this game going strong.