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More way to earn coins without purchasing

I have always been a gamer by earning my accolades. This new generation of gaming has almost killed that notion with micro transactions that allow players a supreme advantage. I don’t believe in buying my way to the top I work for it in this life I will work for it in virtual. So my suggestion is for players like me, who enjoy the game and dinosaurs and the mixture of both, give us a better way to be an equal match for the next gen player who spent the 50$ for his unique Dino. I enjoy the in game green money, but if I run out of that that’s even harder to collect and I only use it to by the coin that is also hard to come by at times. My level 19 Dino needs 80,000 coin, I have the other 35 waiting for me to afford that first one too. See what I’m saying? I collect DNA like a hoarder would and my coin can’t suffice for that so then I use my in game money to buy more coin then I’m out of luck for the other 30 I couldn’t get to because the first 5 were over 20,000. I absolutely refuse to spend money on an app when I have 2 kids to feed. I’m sure with the usage of the app and the players who do buy your products you can give us earnest players our own way.

Thank you for allowing me to rant. Though I feel this is a logical concern.

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I’m pretty sure that upgrading a creature from level 19 to 20 only needs 40,000 coin.


still, that takes 4 epic incubators.

It just takes time, eventually you get to a point where your main dinos are in the mid-late 20s and you don’t have enough DNA to level them up so coins start piling up.

First off, make sure you don’t waste coins on dinos that you either aren’t going to use or by leveling past their fuse point. Make sure you spin as many stops as you can, donate DNA to your alliance, participate in missions, and do well in the coin tournaments.

We just had a coin tournament a few days ago, placing top 250 nets you a nice 250,000 coins.

So you want to be given for free what others have paid for? You talk about earning it in life and games, pretty sure Ludia has employees who “earn it” by working for a company with Bill’s and salaries to pay. Players now are handed everything compared to even a year ago and it will never be enough will it? I’ll go ahead and say I adamantly disagree with your point of view and move along


If you gain pleasure from playing an app, but refuse to spend a penny on it, then there is some sense of strange logic going on in my opinion.

On my main account I buy the trainer packs and have bought the 19.99 packs a few times too with 100 of each fip and that helps me build up dinos like Gemini. I don’t mind spending a bit of money on the game now and again given the enjoyment I get from it. Earlier in the game I bought level up incubators and even coins too.

On my alt account I don’t spend any money at all on it, and I constantly get slaughtered in the arena and have to wait ages to build up enough coins to boost my dinos. But I wouldn’t dream of complaining about it. It’s my choice not to spend any money so why should I progress as quickly as someone who does?


Either way my point remains.

I never said for free and you obviously didn’t read the comment very well if you think a handout is what I’m asking for.

There are many different ways of playing a game. I wouldn’t mind extra challenges or missions that reward more coin rather than DNA or more rewards for the the hard work I do. I don’t what it given to me that wouldn’t be playing the game just like buying it wouldn’t be playing the game. Instead I want the sense of earning it all. I want to have done something not spend real money in exchange for virtual money. Instead why not a virtual quest and in return virtual rewards. After all 19.99 for a game that has only enjoyment seems like a frivolous buy for a cheap and meaningless high.

For me the DNA is the bottleneck. I gain coins out of:
supply drops
arena matches
arena incubators
strike events
donations (pretty fast way to exchange dna for coins)

I rarely find myself in coins shortage, and I have a mostly uniques team with a rare Kaprosuchus taken to lvl 30 (imagine the coin I needed for that one) and a Carnotarkus legendary.

Say it like this if you did buy the game least say for 20$. So you buy that with your money when there are probably more responsible things that money could have purchased. Yet you play it only to find out there is more things to buy to enjoy the full game. You don’t buy it then you get ruined by those who did. that isn’t right if you have been working it up on your own . Grinding the map and fighting the tournaments only to get whooped by some kid who just got it and spent all his parents money on these unique Dino’s then spends the money to upgrade them. That would have taken me weeks to a month what he did in 10 minutes. Now he chose that as did you and I can’t take that away you are you for a reason. What I’m saying is there should be an equal opposing balance to that when I who doesn’t do those things come in contact with him. We are both level 20 or whatever we should have the same advantages despite our choice of play. This game is geared to in game purchases is my point and it should be geared to all players. I don’t buy my strength I work for it. I especially don’t expect it on a silver spoon like the insinuations you read here in this post suggest.

Now the app is free. These gentlemen are still getting paid with usage, data collection, and those of us who will pay. So why is it too much for me to ask if they let me have the same enjoyment without emptying out my pockets to do so?

How much coin do you receive regularly from those in which you named? Like today’s number if you could. Are you getting 1,000, 10,000 in a supply drop?

Yea, I haven’t upgraded anything because the update is coming soon and as of right now we don’t know which creatures will get buffed or nerfed so my coins are piling up.

I don’t really keep count how much I get but today I’ve gathered 1200 coins from them (wasn’t really even trying, as they’re just around my house) and 792 coins from special ones. You can get up to 15 000 coins from regular drops a day if you spin them all, and 7500 coins from special ones.

Arena gives me 360 or something like that coins for every victory, so it’s a quick way to earn coins for when I need to quickly level up something.

Donations can rake in a couple of thousand coins a day, depending on what is being asked for and how many times.

Currently I have 186k ready for when either my Carnotarkus (lvl 26) or Erlidominus (lvl 27) levels up.

Well props to you brother. Either way it’s good to hear someone benefiting. Let me ask you though do you have VIP?

It is already easier to get coins. You should of seen when game first launched and you couldn’t spin spinners or do towers without being right on top of them. You can get 15,000 from orange spinners daily and 7,000 from green spinners. So that is 22k already. Then you can donate, do battles, collect your daily rewards, and donate for coin.

With that said I’m always struggling on coin but its because I’m now leveling my rares, epics, and commons for tourneys. You have to grind it out. While I do agree that the game is heavily on the side that pays extra. Patience is a must.


Nope. Fully F2P (unless you count me watching the ads to open incus faster).

The only most recent update that I can find that will prove my claims and goes in-depth with its explanations is from July 19, 2018. Meta they explain it pretty well and the overall conclusion they give is in agreement with the one I give here. I understand the time elapse but it does seem pretty prevalent as I play today.

If you max out stops and do all the strike towers you get 200k a week just from that. Then you have donations, alliance rewards, battle wins and battle incubators. Someone from my alliance just hit the 9,999,999 coin max total and he has never spent a dime on this game.

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